The oval-shaped dog face, Bull Terrier is a friendly human dog. Because of its fun-loving, mischievous nature, he is known as ‘the kid in a dog suit’. With his egg-shaped head, muscular body, this is a dog that commands attention everywhere he goes. Living with the Bull Terrier is always an experience.

If you want a dog, who has a short easy-care coat, thrives on lots of exercises, is rowdy and clownish then these breeds may be right for you. But if you don’t want to deal with the strong-willed mind of his own, aggression or fear-fullness then Bull Terrier may not be right for you.

If you’ve already added a Bully in your family or planning to add then there are certain things you need to know about their behavior and personality to keep them happy.

Bull Terrier Wants To Play With A Ball.

General Behavior Of The Bull Terrier

Generally, Bull Terrier are gentle, friendly and affectionate with their family members. Once you get a Bull Terrier you won’t have to worry about leaving your house alone as they are guard dogs. However, you will need to worry about your furry friend because if they are left alone for long period of time they may become aggressive.

It does best with an active family who can provide it with a lot of physical activities. This breed is not recommended for first time owners as well as for those who cannot give them enough time.

Separation anxiety develops often in Bull Terriers. It is very important that this breed gets enough exercise and enough play toys to keep them busy when left alone. They are very possessive to their territory and family members and can be aggressive to other animals. Cats and same-sex dogs shouldn’t be introduced in the Bull Terrier’s home. Even if they are raised with them, the chances are high to become aggressive.

They are often known as the hard-headed canine. If you have not raised them with consistent leadership, then they will develop their own rules and tend to be dominant towards you. They will become stubborn and will simply stop listening to you, if treated harshly.

Are They Good Companion To Kids?

Bull Terriers love to play. There is no other good companion to your Bullies than your children. Children can be the best play-mate to Bullies as they can play from sun up to sun down without being tired.

Bull Terriers are not for the home who have young children. Older children can entertain them and understands how to interact with dogs.

The Bull Terrier And The Kid Are Having A Good Time Together. They are child friendly. Image Source: Wikipedia.

Bull Terrier can be aggressive to other kids they don’t know, especially if there is wrestling or shouting going on. They feel like they should always protect ‘their’ children from other friends. Children should always be taught on how to approach a dog. They should never bother them while eating. Food aggression is the main problem they have.

Personality Traits Of Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are one of the most courageous dogs as they were bred to fight. Despite of their muscular body, they make a wonderful family dogs. They are very loyal, friendly towards their family. They sometimes can be an independent thinkers and it may become hard to train them. They should be trained from a young age. Early socialization is a must to avoid aggression towards other people and animals.

A Bored Bull Terrier Destructing A Box.

They are very energetic and demands an experienced owners. Bullies are always eager to please their owners and will be ready to do anything to please you. They are sweet-nature dogs but may become chewers, barkers or tail chasers if not given proper attention.

Celebrities Who Own The Bull Terrier Dog Breed

  • Taylor Swift
  • Eric Clapton
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Princess Anne
  • Tom hardy

Lastly, to own any dog breed it is very important that you give them enough time and proper training. A dog’s temperament and personality all depends on what kind of owner you are and what kind of treatment you give them.

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