If bold and fearless is something you want in a small-sized breed then Lakeland Terrier is the breed you should choose for your family. Lakeland Terriers are very loyal and affectionate dogs.

The Lakeland Terrier despite being a small sized dog, aren’t a couch potato. They do best with active owners who are confident and consistent.

Living With Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier are highly energetic dogs who will need daily exercise to keep them healthy both physically and mentally. Lakeland are very alert dogs, always ready for everything and quick to bark which makes them an excellent watch dogs.

Sun Kissed. photo Credit- Instagram @darcythelakeland.

These breed love the human counterparts but they are often independent streak and strong willed of their own. Lakeland Terriers are reserved with strangers but aren’t aggressive with any people. They should be introduced with people and other animals to have the better version of them in the family.

Lakeland Terrier’s Temperament

Lakeland Terriers are fearless dog bred to guard the farms. They have excellent eyesight and sense of hearing which makes them excellent watchdogs. They have a high prey-drive and will keep your house free from vermin such as mice and rats.

Lakelands are sturdy and muscular. They like going on long hikes, excursions, and camping and are happy and upbeat. Lakies are very possessive of their toys, foods and their territory. Lakeland Terriers should not be trusted off-leash and even in a fenced area as they can easily tunnel underneath in search for rabbits or other small preys.

What Kind Of Personality Do Lakeland Terrier Have?

Lakeland Terriers are wonderful family dogs with a loving, loyal and affectionate personality. They love the human company and spending time with them. Lakies are always curious about everything and are also considered as one of the most intelligent breed.

Lakies should be socialized with many new things from day one to avoid behaviors like aggression and timidness. If properly socialized, they are very gentle and well mannered with every people as well as other animals.

Lakeland Terriers are always in eager to please their owners. They are very obedient when it comes to training since they love learning new tricks. With their positive personality they are one of the perfect family companion.

Are Lakeland Terrier Child Friendly?

Yes of course! Lakeland Terrier are very good with children. They love playing and jumping around with kids. They love kids who can match their energy level all day long.

Lakeland Terrier With Its Best Friend.

Lakeland Terrier will protect you child in each and every step they take. However, they should not be trusted around toddlers as they can be rough players and might hurt the baby.

To conclude, Lakeland Terrier are best suited for homes who can give them enough love and proper canine time.

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