Sussex Spaniels are medium sized dog breed who is calmer and steadier than other Spaniels. They are rather quiet when indoors but becomes alive outdoors and plays with enthusiasm.

The Sussex Spaniels has a reputation for being slow and calm, but with proper training and attention, this breed can be an amazing companion.

Temperaments Of Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel is cheerful and friendly dog breed with a placid character. They are loving and affectionate by nature who loves being around its people. Moreover, the Sussex Spaniels has a protective and territorial nature who always keeps his eyes on its family to make sure that everything is going well.

Sussex Spaniels is known to be an active breed who loves to hunt and has plenty of energy to boost. And because of this ability, they make excellent walking and jogging companion.

Personality Traits Of Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel has an intelligent and smart personality making them easy to train. They can be stubborn at times but early socialization can prevent this problem. Sussex Spaniels are those canines who matures slowly, they are dogs which requires patience to bring out their best.

Sussex Spaniel Is Easygoing With People.
Sussex Spaniel Standing. Image Via PetFriendlyhotelinlavonia.

Sussex Spaniels is trustworthy breed who becomes bored if left alone in their own. Because they are energetic and lively breeds, it is important to keep them busy with their exercise, training and socialization experiences. A bored Sussex Spaniel is a destructive Sussex Spaniel.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Sussex Spaniel Is Fine With Kids.
Sussex Spaniel With Little Girl.
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Sussex Spaniels make an ideal choice for owners with children. Their calm and gentle behavior matches well with size, making them a playful and harmless pet. They are generally considered to be best suited for families with older children who know how to interact with dogs.

How Does It Feel To Live With Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniels is a calm, unrushed and good-natured dog. The dog is an athletic dog who loves being outdoors. They are generally friendly with other dogs and loves playing with them.

Sussex Spaniel Makes Good Family Companion.
Sussex Spaniel Being Hugged By Its Master. Image Via Instagram@aussiedogguy

These dogs have a highly developed scenting ability who can be easily distracted by interesting smell, therefore its important to keep them in security fenced area or on a leash or they might follow after the scent.

What Makes Sussex Spaniel Aggressive?

The Sussex Spaniels is not at all aggressive, they are very friendly and loving with human beings and other dogs. But if someone continuously tries to provoke them, they can show some aggressive signs.

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