Norwegian Elkhounds are medium sized dogs with protective grey coat and tail curled tightly over the back. They are one of the oldest Spitz type dog breed in the world. They were developed around 6,000 years ago by Scandinavian people along with, Finnish Lapphund, Swedish Lapphund, Lapponian Herder and Swedish Elkhound.

Norwegian Elkhounds were developed through hybridization of male dogs and female wolves. However, today they are hunting dogs which are strong and agile with strong personality of self-confidence. These dogs have high energy, so before owning them you should sacrifice your busy schedule to keep your furry friend happy.

How It Feels To Live With Norwegian Elkhound?

Norwegian Elkhounds are highly energetic canine who needs a relatively high amount of strenuous exercise. These breed are best suited for homes who will give them enough time to understand their pets behavior and intelligence. Norwegian Elkhounds are not recommended for first time owners.

Cute Little Norwegian Elkhound.

Elkhounds are outgoing dogs, who will greet everyone as they are old friends but probably knows the difference between a welcomed guest and an intruder. They are excellent watchdogs which will protect their family and territory until they live.

These moose dogs are sensitive breeds, who knows when to act clownish with their owners and when to stay quiet and lay their head on the lap for someone who needs some comforting.

Norwegian Elkhound’s Temperament And Personality

Norwegian Elkhounds are noisy and rambunctious even when they are exercised properly. They love barking but aren’t really aggressive. Elkhounds needs to be taught to stop barking commands as well as “down” and “stay”.

Norwegian Elkhound Dog.
Norwegian Elkhound. Image Source- Instagram @norwegianelkhounds.

Separation anxiety can often develop in Elkhounds. These dogs love being with their family and when left alone, they will be destructive and aggressive. When the hound comes along with the name, the first things that is common is, Independent and Stubborn. Since hounds were bred to work on their own.

Norwegian Elkhounds are playful, calm and loyal dog breed. These dogs love playing outdoor even more which includes running. They are extremely friendly with anyone until they don’t sense any trouble.

Are Norwegian Elkhound Child Friendly?

Norwegian Elkhound are good with children if they are raised with them from puppy-hood. They will protect your child and will follow them wherever they go.

They are energetic which can be a plus point while playing with children. However, they should be taught how to handle kids without hurting them. On the other hand, kids should be also taught on how to approach a dog.

Lastly, Norwegian Elkhound are friendly dogs for families who can give enough time for your furry pets. Temperament and personality depends on the behavior you show them.

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