The Lancashire Heeler or the Ormskirk Heeler is a small breed of dog originating from England. Clever and intelligent, the Lancashire Heelers are ratter and herder dogs.

If you own a Lancashire Heeler puppy and are willing to know about the training they require. Then, here is everything you need to know to train your Lancashire Heeler at home.

When to start the training?

The formal training of a Lancashire Heeler is delayed until the dog reaches one year old. However, it starts learning from the moment you bring them home. You can build a training habit by making the puppy familiar with the commands such as “sit” and “go”. It is an intelligent breed and will catch things very quickly.

A cute Lancashire Heeler puppy.
Image Source: Instagram@doggylove2018

Where to Start the training?

The first pick for training your Lancashire Heeler is undoubtedly your home. Since the dog learns things by observing their owner and then replicating them. So, you can start the training at home and would be even better to train it in the backyard.

When your Lancashire reaches the age for formal training, you can take them to public parks, dog parks, and puppy kindergartens. This helps your dog in the socialization process where it will learn to socialize with other dogs, pets, and people.

How to define task for your pet?

You’d rather want to try licking your elbow than defining a task to your Lancashire Heeler. As your dog is training for the first time, it might act stubborn and lazy to train.

A Lancashire Heeler puppy playing with a ball.
Image Source: Instagram@doggylove2018

That shouldn’t back you from training your Lancashire buddy. You’ll have to be very patient and gentle while dealing with your pet. At first, teach the command by demonstrating it to your dog. Then, use hand gestures to clarify the command more relatively.

The Training Process

Here are some training processes that will help you train your Lancashire Heeler:

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement is unarguably one of the best training methods that you can through to train your dog. This process generally refers to adding something in order to increase a response of your dog. For instance, adding a treat will increase the response of your dog of obeying your comands.

Alpha Dog Training

The Alpha Dog training is a very effective method to train your Lancashire Heeler. This process basically refers to teaching your dog that you are the leader of the pack, not them.

Training a Lancashire Heeler at home.

Model-Rival or Mirror Training

This method incorporates with the positive reinforcement with the use of a clicking device. In this method, the trainer/owner teaches the dog by encouraging it to mimic their behavior and actions.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training

The above mentioned processes can be effective when implementing the following strategies:

Go Slow

Even a man faces difficulty learning new things if the training is very fast. Similarly, the Lancashire Heeler also cannot memorize and do commands that you put in front of it. You’ll have to go very slow and consistent while training your Heeler. One command per day should be trained.

Avoid Punishments

The Lancashire Heeler is a friendly breed that thrives on affection from its family. They like to be loved and detest being scolded or punished. Punishing and scolding your Lancashire Heeler will make it lose its trust on you. So, try avoiding punishing your dogs.

Be Gentle

Your dog will not learn anything if you don’t treat them the right way. They are meant to be treated in a gentle and kind manner. So, treat your dog as your friend and see them thriving excellently.

A Lancashire Heeler with his owner.
Image Source: Instagram@bentheoandrews

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