The Lapponian Herder is a medium-sized dog breed originally bred for protecting and herding reindeers. However, as a herder they tend to bark often at anything and everywhere, which can take you to problems like neibours complain. But this disadvantage also has an advantage that they make excellent watch dogs, who will alert you at every small things.

The Lapponian Herders are highly trainable dogs which are very intelligent and loyal to its owner. These dogs have an independent nature although they tend to form a close relationship with their owner and adores to please them.

When To Start Training Your Lapponian Herder?

The Lapponian Herder is an intelligent breed and tends to respond well to training. But as like other dogs, they also require early training and socialization to make the pet you desire for. Teach your Lapponian Herder the basic obedience rules and training the moment they open their eyes and started to identify things.

Lapponian Herder Is A Medium-Sized Dog
Lapponian Herder Puppy Image Via Pinterest

If the Lapponian Herder do not receive early socialization, they can be dominant over small animals and will try to drive them because of its herding instincts.

Where To Start Training Your Lapponian Herder?

The Lapponian Herders are active dogs and they require plenty of regular activities to avoid destructive behavior in the future. You can start training your Lapponian Herder puppy in your yard where they can run freely and boast energy.

For socialization you can take them for long leashed walk. You can also train them to participate in carting, flyball,mushing, obedience and herding events.

How To Define Task For Your Lapponian Herder?

Defining task is not easy for a dominant dog like Lapponian Herder is not a easy thing. To make it easy you can start by teaching them simple workds like sit, stand, come,sit, stop etc. Be clear with your words and avoid commanding in a rude tone.

You can even use a hand gesture to make them understand what you wish them to do. If you try doing the task with them and show it practically then they will understand more easily and quickly.

Training Process

Here are some training process that you can apply when training them:

Positive Reinforce

For an idependent and dominant natured dog like Lapponain Herder, positive reinforce is the best method to make them focus on their training. Positive reinforce refers to add something in order to increase response.

Positive reinforcement includes praise and rewards for obeying you. This can make them think that obeying you will result in delicious food items and praise.


The Lapponian Herder develops a dominant nature when they reach their adult stage, we cannot change this nature but yes we can mininmize it by socializing them early.

Socialize them up to an age of 16 weeks in different surroundings such as outings with its people, and fmily pets. Provide them obedience classes and take them around places where they can meet new people. Early socialization will ensure your Lapponian a positive view of the world.

Managing Their Herding Behavior

As we know the Lapponian was originally bred for herding, so they tend to drive other animals and people. To minimize this behavior, you can discourage their innate herding instinct by keeping them on leash.

Keep them on the fenced yard where they can run freely. when they crouch down to start chasing, give them “come” command. If they respond and follow your command reward them with treat and praise. And if they ignore you, then slightly tighten the leash to stop them from chasing and say “no”.

Stretegies And Techniques For Easy Training

Be Gentle

The Lapponian Herder is loyal and affectionte to its family members and seeks return attention from them. So you need to be gentle them and show love towards them. This can bring lot of change in them and will increase their interest in training.

Consistent Training

Consistent training is the key to any successful training. It makes good communication and training with your dog. Try verbal and non-verbal communication consistent. It will make easier for your dog to learn new commands and tricks.

Make Training Fun

As with all other puppies, the Lapponian Herder is also not able to hold their attention for long time, they get bored easily if your training session is too long and boring.

Make training sessions short and make your training funand interesting. Reward them their favourite food and toys when they complete their task.

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