Leonberger is calm, quiet and gentle breed. These breeds were bred to be a guard dog with a sturdy and active personality. These breeds are very protective of their family and territory.

Leonberger is suitable for homes with an active family who can give them enough time and affection. They are not recommended for inexperienced owners who cannot be consistent with their pet.

Temperament And Personality of Leonbergers

The personality of Leonberger is cheerful, gentle, caring, tender and friendly. It will be the best family dog and companion because it is obedient, fearless, with non-aggressive behavior.

Leonberger can work as a guide dog and accompany you everywhere since they are very clever, sociable and obedient. They are an excellent guard dog and can scare any intruder with their sturdy and heavy body.

temperament of Leonberger dog
Leonberger dog showing playful behavior. Image Source: bbc.co.uk

The temperament of Leonberger can be described as wary, intimidating, as well as affectionate. These breeds are highly energetic and full of boundless energy and eager to learn new things. They are wary of strangers but will be very patient with every people they see. You can say that they might are huge but are very friendly.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Yes! Leonbergers are extremely good with children because they are very gentle and show calm behavior with kids. Since they are highly energetic they will make an excellent pair with children. However, they can be rough players while playing and may knock down children while playing.

You should always supervise both the pet and your children for safe and playtime.

Leonberger And It’s Playmate, a baby girl.
Image Source- dogtime.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Leonberger dog aggression can be a problem and two Leonbergers of the same sex should not be kept together. Though protective instincts develop at maturity and it becomes more discriminating with strangers, it is never aggressive.

How Does Leonberger Behave Around Strangers?

Many Leonbergers have protective instincts towards strangers. They need friendly people so they learn to recognize the normal behaviors of good people. If introduced properly with everybody, they are gentle and show friendly behavior even with strangers.

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