The Magyar Agar is a hunting dog breed that is also known as Hungarian greyhound, Hungarian agar. It is a Hungarian Sighthound that is used to hunt through sight. It is a medium to the large-sized dog breed that is kept as a companion dog as they are known to be affectionate and docile.

Magyar Agar is a very adaptable dog that can adopt apartment life as well as long as it gets its required regular activities. Although they are best known as a hunting dog, they also make an excellent family companion. So if you are a loving and an active dog owner, Magyar Agar is the best choice for you.

Temperament of Magyar Agar

The temperament of the Magyar Agar is gentle, docile, and friendly. They are a very devoted dog breed that forms a strong bond with its family. They have a strong guarding instinct that most of the other sighthound which makes them a great watchdog.

Although they are a watchdog, they are no likely to get aggressive or bite anyone. With adequate human interaction and activities, they can also live in a kennel outdoor.

Magyar Agar needs regular exercise which is at least one hour a day. If they are not provided with enough exercise, they can become anxious and destructive by chewing on stuff and barking continuously. So, they need to be involved in regular walking or other physical exercises to keep them fit and healthy.

Magyar Agar playing with its toy
Magyar Agar playing with its toy.
Image Source: pet guide

Personality of Magyar Agar

The personality of the Magyar Agar is faithful, intelligent, and active. They are very faithful and loyal to their family that will always remain by their side. They are a friendly breed that will get along with people as well as other pets in the house. As a hunting dog, they are very active as well as intelligent that will catch on new commands and instruction quickly.

They need to be kept in a fenced yard so they do not start chasing other small animals in the yard.

While training Magyar Agar you need to establish a firm and consistent leadership on them. They need a leader who can train them gently and with patience.

Do not teach them the same command for a long time as they might get bored. Use positive methods of training and reward them with treats and vocal praises.

Is Magyar Agar Child-Friendly?

Yes, Magyar Agar is a friendly dog that gets along with children in the house very well. They are gentle and are tolerant of kids harsh behavior as well.

Although they are tolerant, proper supervision and guidance are necessary so small kids don’t hurt them. They do well with older kids as older children know to handle dogs and be gentle with them.

A baby playing with a Magyar Agar
A baby playing with a Magyar Agar.
Image Source: Instagram-@pulcsi_the_sighthound

What Makes Magyar Agar Aggressive?

Magyar Agar is not an aggressive breed at all. They are very calm, gentle in nature that is not likely to get aggressive. Although unnecessary teasing and provoking might lead to their aggression but they are not likely to bite.

How Does Magyar Agar Behave Around Strangers?

Magyar Agar is wary of strangers and is shy around them. They need early socialization so they get along with strangers well. Expose them to a variety of people at an early age so they are not timid and shy around guest and visitors at home.

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