Dogs are basically being trained using the behavioral response or reward-based training method and they are proven to be the most effective training method. however, model-rival training is also a practical and effective training method for your dog.

Model-rival training is a method of training the dogs through social stimuli. As we know dogs are social animals and can learn many things by observing and looking around their surrounding.

Model-Rival Training

In model-rival training social stimuli of dogs are used to generate interest in objects without the involvement of rewards or food. Dogs are let to observe their surroundings and environment and are ordered to follow the same. The method is repeated until and unless the dogs understand the task they are to follow and complete.

Image: Illustration of one dog watching another dog performing the task
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A dog is left to observe another trained dog perform the task and is expected to do the same. When this method is followed the social stimuli in dogs are activated and they tend to do the activity you desired them to perform.

Enthusiasm Of Dogs During Model-Rival Training

Model-rival training raises enthusiasm in your dogs to perform the tasks and the training method is also completed successfully the way you wanted it to be. When training your dog, you need to hold your dog in a position where they can observe another dog performing the task. Not every dog can hold one position and sit while observing another dog.

When the social stimuli are activated excessively in dogs they may bark aggressively. Excessive barking has two sides to it. Excessive barking during model-rival training can be good in a way that the enthusiasm of the dogs can be seen and they can learn the activity at a fast rate. Exessive barking can be bad in a way that the average pet handler cannot handle the excessive barking and can be hard for them to control their dogs.

Model-Rival Training In Puppies

Model-rival training can be good for puppies as they can observe and learn from the older dogs who are well trained and more experienced in performing the tasks. The young dogs sensitive to the environment can be less erratic and learn quickly through this method.

Model-rival training can be considered one of the most effective training methods. This type of training method works very fast, efficiently and accurately. The dogs learn the name of the objects very accurately and follow the objects while training rather than approaching the rewards like foods.

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