The Northern Inuit is a large-sized dog breed that looks like a wolf but can be trained as a domesticated dog. They have the athletic, muscular body with a high energy level. Despite their fierce, wolf-like appearance, they are known to be very gentle, loving, and dedicated dog breed.

Northern Inuit is not suitable for a novice dog owner who cannot handle their temperament. They need active, an experienced family that has an open place where Northern Inuit can do their regular physical activities. So, only own them if you are an active person that can provide enough time as well as

Temperament of the Northern Inuit Dog

The temperament of the Inuit is loyal, friendly, gentle, and independent. They are very friendly and loving dog towards their family which makes them an excellent family companion. They are also an alert dog that will sound an alarm when they hear something unusual in the surrounding and warn their owner.

It is a highly energetic dog that needs a daily good amount of exercise. If they do not get the required physical activities, they tend to become destructive, anxious, and depressed. They will start chewing on stuff and barking loudly. So, provide them with good amount of physical exercise daily.

Nortehrn Inuit running on the field
Northern Inuit running on the field.
Image Source: animalso

Personality of the Northern Inuit Dog

The personality of the Northern Inuit is friendly, loving, calm, and sometimes stubborn. They enjoy the company of their people and after having a tiresome day, they like to cuddle with their people. They can be stubborn sometimes, so good leadership should be eastablish at an early age.

Northern Inuit is a more independent dog which makes training tough. They need to be trained from 6-8 weeks at the puppyhood as they are smart enough to catch basic command at this age.

Use positive methods of training as a source of motivation to them. Praise them with a gentle pat on the back and never be harsh or forceful on them even if they make some mistakes.

Is Northern Inuit Dog Child-Friendly?

Yes, Nortehern Inuit is a child-friendly dog that is gentle and playful with children. They enjoy when they are with kids and loves playing with them. Although close supervision is necessary while they both are interacting with each other to avoid any kind of accident.

Northern Inuit playing with a baby
Northern Inuit playing with a baby.
Image Source: Instagram-@chiefandboo

What Makes Northern Inuit Aggressive?

Northern Inuit, although have a fierce expression, it is not an aggressive dog breed in general. In fact, they are very loving and gentle dog breed. However, their aggression can be seen as any other dog when someone provokes them or treat them.

How Does Northern Inuit Behave Around Strangers?

Inuit is aloof of strangers but are not likely to be aggressive towards them. They will bark or howl at the presence of some unknown person to let their owner know. Socialize them with a variety of people from an early age, so the get along with human being and are warm with visitors at home.

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