Bohemian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog breed that was bred to be a guard dog, working dog, and also a loving family companion. It is a unique, energetic with an appearance similar to German Shepherd. It is a strong, muscular dog that is coved with a dense, long coat that gives it a handsome look.

This Shepherd makes an excellent family companion due to its loving and happy personality. It is not suited in an apartment or a small place, so they need a house with a big place for them to roam around and perform their regular.

Temperament of the Bohemian Shepherd

The temperament of the Bohemian Shepherd is playful, loyal, active, and courageous. They get along with all the member of the family, even with other pets in the house. They are bred to be a guard dog, so they have the natural instinct to protect and guard their family properties.

Therefore, they are known to be a great watchdog but never fierce or aggressive. Bohemian Shepherd is gentle and loving with their family and suspicious of unfamiliar people.

Bohemian Shepherd is a very active and energetic dog breed that needs a vigorous exercise regularly. If they are kept at home on the leash without any exercise or physical activities, they will get destructive and anxious. You will see them whining, chewing on stuff, barking and disturbing the neighbor.

So provide them with good physical exercise for their happy and healthy living.

Bohemian Shepherd running on the field with a ball
Bohemian Shepherd running on the field with a ball.
Image Source: Flickriver

Personality of the Bohemian Shepherd

The personality of the Bohemian Shepherd is affectionate, friendly, gentle, and calm. All this personality makes them a unique and best family companion for an active and loving family. They are very gentle and calm nature of dog that loyal and loving towards the member of their family.

Bohemian tends to form a very strong bond with its family and especially with one specific person of the family that it sees as the leader.

This Shepherd needs an experienced dog owner that knows the temperament of it and can train them accordingly. They are very eager to please their owner and also a very intelligent dog, so training is not so tough. Use a positive method of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises.

Is Bohemian Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Yes, Bohemian Shepherd is a child-friendly dog that gets along with children very well due to its friendly, loving, and tolerant nature. They do not mind small kids pulling and pinching them but also it is necessary to supervise them to avoid any injuries. Guide and teach your children to behave around dogs and be gentle with them.

A girl playing with a Bohemian Shepherd puppy
A girl playing with a Bohemian Shepherd puppy.
Image Source: Instagram-@bonnie_prachensky_poklad

What Makes Bohemian Shepherd Aggressive?

Bohemian Shepherd is not an aggressive dog breed. They are protective of their people and their properties but will not hurt anyone without their master command. They will hold onto the person or the thing but are not likely to attack or hurt them.

How Does Bohemian Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Bohemian Shepherd is suspicious of strangers and is not trustful of them. They will inspect them closely and will only let them in after they are sure that the person is of no harm. Early socialization is very necessary for them to become welcoming and friendly of visitors at home.

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