Norwegian Lundehund is peculiar little dogs with their unique body structure and some might call them freakish as well. Lundehund is loving and curious dogs. Bred to hunt puffin birds, Lundehund is also called “Puffin” dogs.

Norwegian Lundehunds are the most rear among the domestic animals. They are very hard to find, therefore, if you want to buy them you should probably wait for long to get the purest breed. They will be the perfect addition in the family since they are lovable and great watch dogs.

Living With Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehunds are very lovable dogs who are happiest when with their family but are wary of strangers. These combined nature makes them the excellent watch dogs but they are not aggressive towards any people.

Lundehund are primitive dogs which shares some behaviors with wild animals like wolf and fox, so it is not surprising if you see kibbles hiding beneath the sofa or under the bed or somewhere else as if preparing for winters. Not only foods, they will take anything that is attractive or shining and will hide it in their secret places. So, be aware with your things!

Cute Little Norwegian Lundehund Asking For Food.

These breeds are not aggressive towards anyone but the barking tendency is high when they seem anything unusual moving. Lunde are very protective to their family and territory however, they should be socialized at an early age to avoid shyness and aggression.

The Norwegian Lundehund will shed twice a year including small shed amounts daily. You should brush them daily to remove the loose hair and clean coats.

What Kind Of Temperament Do Norwegian Lundehund Have?

Norwegian Lundehund are kind of dogs who will behave according to the situation and places. These Puff dogs are independent thinkers and stubborn. With these behaviors, they are said to be impossible to house train and loves to bark.

Norwegian Lundehund love playing toys.
Cute Norwegian Lundehund Carrying Its Play Toy. Image Source- Instagram @soffanochflocken.

Lundehund are very tuned-into whatever goes around the surroundings and will react with barking or chasing. They will bark at almost anything and even nothing at all. These breeds are suited for busy homes with lot of things going on to keep their mind active and stimulated.

Personality Traits Of Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund are alert, inquisitive, cheerful dogs. When placed in the right home, they are wonderful companions with their playful personality. Lunde loves staying in the pack and they often choose their favorite person in the house.

Norwegian Lundehund reading book.
Norwegian Lundehund.
Image Source- Instagram @solan_the_lundehund.

Norwegian Lundehunds tend to manipulate you and might want to rule the pack. They should be treated gently otherwise, they may have trust issues for life. Norwegian Lundehund responds according to the tone of the voice. So, it is very important to be gentle and loving with your furry pet.

They should be introduced with many new people, animals of all types and different environments from an early age. They may get easily stressed out by any unusual situations and are even hypersensitive to new sounds.

Are Norwegian Lundehund Child Friendly?

Norwegian Lundehund are good with children especially when they are raised with them. Since they love carrying toys in their mouth and playing with it, makes a good companion with kids.

Lunde may chase the toddlers or children who are running. They are not always trusted around children, Norwegian Lundehunds may act aggressively and bark with children when it finds it irritating.

Norwegian Lundehund are child friendly.
Norwegian Lundehund Sleeping With Its Playmate.
Image Source- Instagram @atle_the_lundehund.

Always teach your pet as well as your child how to approach and behave with children and dogs. Children should be supervised while playing with the Norwegian Lundehund.

All in all, every dogs who are trained and loved can be the wonderful addition in the family. Norwegian Lundehund as being a part of the primitive canine, if treated well in the right way can be the perfect companion for you and your family.

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