The Paisley Terrier was a breed of terrier type which is now extinct. It has a very much similar appearance to the Skye Terrier but both are different breeds. The Paisley Terrier has a shorter back lower weight than the Skye Terrier. It was a very popular dog of that era with a long silky coat flowing from their body, erect ears that are covered with long hairs hanging.

It was an excellent pet and companion dog that was loved by everyone. It was best suited alongside the ladies that favor something more real than a toy. Although the Paisley Terrier was loved by many, it was not much desired due to its coat that needed a lot of care, grooming, and attention.


The Paisley Terrier was originated in Scotland as a companion dog for the family. They were also kept for hunting vermin and rats but most importantly people kept them as a toy dog. This breed was recognized as a different type of Skye Terrier by Kennel Club in 1888 but at show dogs, they were both given separate show classes.

How Did Paisley Terrier Extinct?

Paisley Terrier was on the verge of extinction before World War I and soon after the war, there was no record of the breed. So, it probably got extinct in the early 19th century. This breed was a popular show dog with its long flowing, silky coat that covered its foot and had an attractive blue and tan coat.

However, beside being a terrier, they were primarily a pet dog with a silky coat that can only be kept as a toy dog. They were not considered to be hard and fit for terrier work which is why their popularity slowly declined. People started to fancy the Skye Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier more who are also considered as a working dog.

Two Paisley Terriers
Two Paisley Terriers.
Image Source: Chest of Books

The only thing that made the Paisley Terrier desirable by people was the reason for their extinction. They would win all the prize in show dog competition with their attractive coat which led Skye Terrier fancier object for showing the Skye Terrier type in the show. Slowly the Paisley Terrier fancier decline due to the breeds high maintenance and unfitness for work. This led to a decline in the breed’s number and finally to extinct.

Temperament, Behavior, and Personality

The Paisley Terrier was a loyal, intelligent, and affectionate breed. It was known to be an excellent companion dog due to its loving nature and less aggressive than other terrier dogs. Although it was a terrier, it didn’t have the skill, stamina that is required for a working terrier. It will rather sit by their owner side as a walking toy and a companion than work or ratter with its beautiful coat.


  • The name of Paisley Terrier was given from the place it came from which is the town of Paisley in the lowland of Scotland.
  • It was also known as Clydesdale Terrier which is given after the name of another place Clyde valley where they were bred.


The Paisley Terrier was found in the following colors:

  • Blue and Tan
  • Gray
  • Silver
Paisley Terrier
Paisley Terrier.
Image Source: Pinterest-@Amber Abbitt


Height: The average height of the Paisley Terrier was 20-23 inches.

Weight: The average weight of the Paisley Terrier was 13-15.5 pounds.

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