At the first glance, you might see Cumberland Sheepdog as a Border Collie but both are said to be separate breeds and the Cumberland Sheepdog is already extinct. This breed is the ancestors of both the Australian Sheperd and Border Collie.

It was a medium-sized dog breed with a slightly longer and dense coat covering its muscular body. This breed has a long tail that was fluffy which touches their ankle.


The Cumberland Sheepdog was originated in England as a shepherd dog that was used for herding cattle. It was found in the upland area of central and northern England, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Cheviot Hills, and Derbyshire. This breed was believed to be the favorite of the Lancelot Edward Lowther, the 6th Earl of Lonsdale.

This breed was considered as a very active, energetic dog breed with very few canine health problems. Since it is very much similar to the Border Collie, we can say that it had similar health problems to today’s Border Collie.

How Did Cumberland Sheepdog Became Extinct?

Cumberland Sheepdog is believed to be absorbed into Border Collie when they were about to extinct. Therefore, the traits and all the description written about the Cumberland Sheepdog matches the Border Collie except the name.

They were quite popular at the beginning of the 18th century amongst the people involved in animal farming. However, by the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, there was no record of it found but instead, the record of the Border Collie was found which has the same features and characteristics of the Cumberland Sheepdog.

Cumberland Sheepdog with their masters
Cumberland Sheepdog with their masters.
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Temperament, Behavior, and Personality

In the written record found of the Cumberland Sheepdog, it was mentioned as a hardworking, intelligent, and playful dog. It was said to have great herding skills and ability. Looking at today’s Border Collie, we could not agree more to the belief that Cumberland Sheepdog was the best herding dog of its time.d

Was Cumberland Sheepdog Child-Friendly?

After knowing the Cumberland Sheepdog, we can assume that they could have been great with kids due to their gentle and friendly behavior. Although they were a herding dog, so we can assume that they might not have been great with small children due to their natural herding instinct.


  • The Cumberland Sheepdog was also known as Smithfield Sheepdog and Dorset Blue Shag.


The Cumberland Sheepdog were found in the following colors:

  • White and Black
  • Black marking
  • White markings
Cumberland Sheepdog sitting
Cumberland Sheepdog sitting.
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Height: The average height of the Cumberland Sheepdog was 18-22 inches.

Weight: The average weight of the Cumberland Sheepdog was 40-55 pounds.

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