The Papillon is a very tiny dog standing between 8-11 inches at the shoulder and their weight between 1-5 kgs. They have ears that flare from its head like the wings of a butterfly that gives the breed its name (Papillon is French for butterfly). They are small, dainty and elegant with waving plumped tail, long and smooth coat. Generally, the coat is white with patches of black, red, orange tan, or sable.

The Papillon is the brightest and trainable of the toy breeds. They are tough competition dogs in a small package. They are sporty dogs and have a high retain sporting instincts from their spaniel heritage.

Papillons Adventurous Temperament

Papillons make excellent family dogs as they are not aggressive. They are happy, friendly and adventurous dogs. They are intelligent, so they should be given training and mental stimulation to avoid bad behavior and boredom.

The Papillon is not for a lazy owner. They are cute and affectionate dogs, but they are not the type of dogs who love to cuddle. So, if you are looking for a lap dog, Papillons are not for you as they don’t have time for cuddles.

The Papillon is a very active dog who likes to be always moving around. Therefore, they don’t like to sit still or sit on your lap for very long. They like to run and chase small animals, try catching flying insects and birds.

Papillon trying to catch the bubbles

Small But Energetic Personality

The Papillons are lively and energetic dogs who like to run around the house and can do these all day long. These dogs do not need often exercise as they are always running around. They require less food compared to big dogs.

Although Papillons are shy with strangers, they enjoy socializing with other dogs and cats. They are fearless and are not afraid to engage with larger animals in play, but owners should be careful as the larger animals may not treat the Papillons and might hurt him.

The Papillon has been a great companion dog. They love to join you in fun games or works weather taking a car ride, helping you with chores, training for the show ring or even curled up in your lap. They don’t like to be left alone so another pet like a cat could be his company. Luckily, Papillon is tiny and light so you can take him almost anywhere.

Papillon playing with cat

The Papillons have no doggy odor, so bathe him only as needed. They have a long coat which is straight and silky with no undercoat. The Papillons are always white with patches of any color. They don’t need to be combed often but should be brushed at least once or twice a week to keep the hair or skin healthy.

Are Papillons Child-Friendly?

Papillons are good companions for kids but parents observation is needed as Papillons are small and the kids might have a rough playing with them.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

The Papillons are shy nature dogs and shy with strangers. However, they are a quick learner and it is never too late to train them how to socialize with strangers.

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