Penalty training basically refers to the training method that involves punishment for your dog when they disobey your command and shows signs of dominance over you. Penalty training is an application that is likely to reduce the repetition of the behaviour.

Penalty training can be an effective method to discipline your dog when implemented in a good way.

Direct Interactive Punishment

The direct interactive punishment includes punishing activities like grabbing your dog by the collar and hitting or pinning the dog down on the ground. This kind of direct interactive punishment generates fear in your dog and this might lead to your dog showing unpleasant behaviours like growling and snarling.

Image: Owner grabbing the dog by its collar
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Direct interactive punishment may lead to the dog showing fear for its owner.

Remote Punishment

Remote punishment is often referred to as the method of punishment, where the owner stays away from the sight of their dog and monitors the dog’s behaviour from afar. This kind of punishment also includes setting up booby traps. When your dog starts showing punitive behaviour in certain spaces, you can set booby traps in those places, so when your dog shows unpleasant behaviour those booby traps can be activated. When this happens the dog dares to have the behaviour in that place and can be corrected.

Positive Punishment

As the name suggests the word “positive” may not be what you think it is. Positive punishment is a method of punishment that involves a certain level of physical harm to your dog. The positive punishment includes activities like shock collars, leash pops, shaker cans etc.

When shock collars are used it can cause psychological distress to your dog, injury to the skin and many other health-related issues. Likewise, the shaker cans when used can be harmful to your dog’s hearing. Positive punishment is not encouraged and can be a very wrong method of training your dog.

Negative Punishment

As the name suggests the word “negative” may also not be what you think it is. Negative punishment is rather a good way of training your dog’s unpleasant behaviour. The negative punishment is a way of correcting your dog’s wrong behaviour by backing off from the place.

It is the method of training where the reward is removed when a dog is not in its best behaviour and disobeys the command from its owner. This will encourage the dogs to not show unpleasant behaviour as their favourite things will be taken away.

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