Pugs are often seen as a cute breed of dogs due to their body shape, size, folding skin, and bulging eyes. Those are the feature from which pugs are most likely suffering from various health issues. They are nowadays suffering from many health conditions and cannot be considered a ‘typical dog breed’.

According to various vets from around the world and also the Royal Veterinary College, pugs are more likely to suffer from skin problems, eye problems and breathing problems.

The reason behind this problem in pugs is due to excessive and selective breeding. The pug we now see is not the pug that used to be in the past, they did not evolve naturally and are the result of selective breeding for which humans are to blame.

Image: Pug with a scrunched face
Image Source: kookypugs.com

Pugs are likely to have; brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome, skin fold dermatitis and many more health problems due to their current body structure.

Pugs have the shortest life span compared to other dog breeds. Out of 40 common health problems seen in dogs pugs are likely to have 23 health problems. The most common problem found in pugs is the case of obesity, snoring and snorting whenever and wherever.

It is high time we focus more on the health of pugs rather than them being called cute and attractive and people buying them just for the sake of it.

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