The Porcelaine is a rare dog breed and known to be the oldest of the French scent hounds. This dog got its name from their coat color which resembles a Porcelaine. Their fur is white, sometimes with orange spots often on the ears.

The Porcelaine is a medium-sized dog breed which stands from 21 to 23 inches tall and weight ranging from 55 to 62 pounds. The Porcelaine has a shiny white color coat with black mottling which is visible through the white color. The nose of this dog breed is black with wide nostrils, dark black eyes with long ears that drop down.

Energetic Temperament Of Porcelain

The Porcelaine dog breeds are highly energetic and have a high activity level, therefore, it requires a lot of daily exercises. And because of these, they are not recommended for apartment living.

Porcelaine Are Highly Energetic Dog Breeds
A couple of cute Porcelaine Dog Breeds.
Image Via Wikimedia.Commons

The Porcelaine dogs are blessed with an excellent sense of smell and sound, so they can sense their owner from far away.

Porcelaine has always worked with other canines, so they tend to do well with other dogs. However, they do not get well with cats and other small pets.

Personlity Traits Of Porcelaine

The personality of Porcelaine is loving, affectionate, willful and independent at times, but are never aggressive or disobedient.

The Porcelaine is gentle with family but is fierce and energetic when hunting. They are very brave and highly sociable dogs. They are not considered to be good watch dogs but will bark at suspicious people, things and voice.

Porcelaine Are Highly Energetic Breeds
A picture of Porcelaine Dog standing in Woods.
Image Via Siasi Dog

Training this breed is moderately easy if he receives a firm and consistent hand training and an owner who can create leadership to control their willful tendencies and give them daily exercises.

Are They Child-Friendly?

The Porcelian are generally known to be easy going with kids. They can be a good pet for families with children as they are both energetic and playful.

However, as with all other breeds, the Porcelaine also requires supervision when interacting with kids to make sure their playtime doesn’t become boisterous.

How Does It Feel To Live With Porcelaine?

Despite being a hunter breed, Porcelaine can make an amazing family pet. They are fun-loving pet and enjoys human companionship are very kind and loyal to their owners.

They are very affectionate dogs and are rarely shy or timid. They are fearless dogs who will be do anything to protect their people. They have fun an friendly personality and a charming thing of this breed is that they tend to be quiet when indoors but have a melodious barking but not nuisance barkers.

The Porcelaines are smart dogs who always feel pleasure to please its owner. and tend to form strong attachments with its owners.

The Porcelain is suitable for an active household that has plenty of fenced- in space. If these dogs are kept in a small property and do not receive sufficient exercise, they are likely to develop destructive behaviors.

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