The Pudelpointer is a medium-sized dog that was originated in Germany. It is a hunting dog that is now famous as a family pet and companion. They were used for hunting birds and small animals. The average height is between 22-27 inches and the average weight is 44-66 pounds.

The Pudelpointers are a fun-loving, friendly, active dog with a compact body covered with fur that is water and weather resistant. They need a house with yards as their body needs enough exercise to keep itself healthy. They are hypoallergenic with a life span of 12-14 years.

Temperament of the Pudelpointer

The Pudelpointer is of friendly, energetic, and hardworking temperament. They do great as a family pet and companion due to their friendly nature. They have a great hunting history, which is why they are not best suited for an owner with a sluggish lifestyle. Pudelpointer is a hard working dog that needs to be involved in regular activities to meet their energy level.

Pudelpointer field training.

The Pudelpointer can become troublesome if they do not get proper activities. They can become anxious, depressed, and even destructive. Therefore, regular involvement of them in the household activities is a great idea to keep your Pudelpointer occupied. Take them for hunting or just for jogging, running, and hiking.

Personality of the Pudelpointer

The Pudelpointer has a smart, affectionate, and active personality. They are quick at learning and catching new things. They are very loving of their family and enjoys their company. As a hunting dog, they are very active, so makes a fun pet for a family with children.

Pudelpointer playing snow
Pudelpointer playing snow.
Image Source: Doggie Designer

Pudelpointer is a natural hunting dog, so keeping small animals as a pet with it is dangerous. They have high hunting instincts and if it kicks them, they will run off chasing birds and small animals they caught their eyes on. Therefore, the pet of their own size can do well with Pudelpointer.

Start training your Pudelpointer from early age when they are eager to please you. Train them gently and never use force hand on them. Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and vocal praises. This will encourage them and will keep them focused on training.

Is Pudelpointer Child-Friendly?

Pudelpointer loves children and their company. They are playful and energetic dogs that make a great playmate for children. They are not aggressive but might accidentally knock over small children and hurt them.

Therefore, their playtime and interaction should always be supervised. Children might also play rough sometime by pinching and pulling. So, teach your kids to behave around dogs.

Pudelpointer is child friendly
Pudelpointer on a hunt with family.
Image Source: Instagram-@thedogpuddles

What Can Make Pudelpointer Aggressive?

Pudelpointer is a hunting dog that does not mean they are aggressive. It is not an aggressive breed and is gentle and friendly with everyone. Although their aggression can be seen while they are protecting their territory and their loved one. Other than that, Pudelpointer is not at all an aggressive dog that you need to be afraid of.

How Does Pudelpointer Behave Around Strangers?

Pudelpointer is very shy and reserved around strangers. They can even get stranger anxiety if not socialized from an early age. Therefore, it is very necessary to socialize your Pudelpointer puppy from an early age. It will help them get along with unknown visitors and guest in the house and it will not be timid or reserved around them.

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