The Pumi is a medium-sized dog that was originated in Hungary. It is believed to be developed in the 18th century by crossbreeding Puli and Mudi. It is developed as a sheepdog that used to guard and herd sheep in the farm of Hungary. It is a fearless dog that used to herd flocks by nipping on the foot and barking.

The Pumi has a strong body with a long head and narrow muzzle. Their body is covered by a dense coat that is curly and wavy. They are a friendly, gentle and very active dog. They do not need a big area but a small yard at the back of the house will keep them happy.

Temperament of the Pumi

The Pumi is of active, fearless and dedicated temperament. They like to be engaged in some kind of work, either herding flocks or just helping at household work. They can make a great companion for the owner who loves to remain active by running, jogging, and hiking. They are never tired and will accompany you from morning to night.

Pumi puppies running
Pumi puppies running on the field.
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The Pumi, although is not big in size, it is a fearless dog that can face any challenges without a second thought. Due to this fearless nature, they are protective of the people and their property. This makes them a great watchdogs and guard dogs.

The Pumi has a high activity level so they need regular exercise to meet their expected level. Therefore, take them out regularly for playing, running or just walking. If they are not provided with this activity level, they might be anxious, destructive or even depressed.

Personality of the Pumi

The Pumi has a smart, curious, and lively personality. They are very clever and are quick at learning things. Give them the right kind of motivation by using positive methods of training. Reward them with treats and vocal praises. This will encourage them to do things right and will learn quickly. First, develop a firm leadership and never be forceful or harsh on them.

Training Pumi.

Pumik (plural of Pumi) are very lively dogs, which makes a great family pet for an active owner. They are fun to be around and will never let you sit bored when they are by your side. Take them to fetch the ball or to perform tricks. With playful personality, they are also very affectionate and loving towards their family.

Is Pumi Child-Friendly?

The Pumi is great with kids of all age. They are very playful and can make excellent playmates and companion for kids. Although Pumi is a friendly dog, their interaction with small kids should always be supervised. Small kids might play rough by pulling and pinching, which might make Pumi intolerant and can bite. Therefore, the presence of an adult person from the family is necessary when your dog and kids are playing.

Pumi is child friendly
Pumi playing.
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What Makes Pumi Aggressive?

Pumi can be aggressive sometimes when they see some unfamiliar face approaching but not in the way to bite or jump on them. They will just bark loudly at them until their owner come and make them stop. They can be aggressive if someone provokes them and can even bite them if it becomes too much. Therefore, do not allow anybody to provoke them and test their aggression.

How Does Pumi Behaves Around Strangers?

Pumi is wary of strangers and does not trust them easily. If some strangers are approaching them, they will bark at them and warn their owner about someone’s presence at the territory. They need to be socialized from an early age with a variety of people so that they do not become aggressive when seeing some unfamiliar face.

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