The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd is a large-sized dog that was bred as a herding dog in its native Romania. It was kept by farmers for centuries and were great working dogs who used to guard flocks of the farmer. They are a big-sized dog, so keeping them in an apartment is not a great idea. They need a good amount of space to roam around and perform their activity.

The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd has a shaggy coat that covers its rectangular body. It is a heavy dog with heavy bones and powerfully built body. It makes a great family companion as it is a loving and protective dog. They need a good amount of exercise, so take them out for a play or a walk regularly.

Temperament of the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd

The temperament of the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd is loyal independent, and confident. It is a fearless protector who faces any danger without fear. However, they are a very calm and friendly dog with the family though they have the reputation of being a guard dog. If it sees and threat approaching its people, it will not back off and try to defend them.

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd a calm dog that enjoys its people company. They get along with other pets well but small pets are not best suited with them as they are big in size and might knock over them. It needs to be socialized properly with other canines when it is young as to avoid its aggression towards other dogs.

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd herding sheep
Romanian Mioritic Shepherd herding sheep.
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Personality of the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd

The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd has a big personality like its body. They are a friendly, active, and smart dog that gets along with all type of people if socialized properly from an early age. They are known to be a very loyal and devoted dog that is very dedicated to its work and obey all the instruction that its leader has to command.

It needs physical exercise to keep itself fit and mentally stimulated. If it does not get any work to do, it can be anxious and even depressing.

Training Romanian Mioritic Shepherd is not difficult for an experienced dog owner who knows its personality. It is not for a novice dog owner who cannot handle its working level. Train it gently and never be harsh on it. Establish a firm and consistent leadership on them.

Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with treats and vocal praises. This will motivate them and encourage them.

Is Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd gets along with children very well. They are friendly and protective of them. However, due to their big body, they can sometimes accidentally knock over them and hurt them.

Therefore, it is necessary to supervise them and guide them. Teach children to approach dogs.

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd is child friendly
Girl sitting with the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd.
Image Source: youtube- theFlyingCaveman

What Makes Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Aggressive?

The Romanian Mioritic Shepherd is not an aggressive dog. They are very gentle and loving. Although they are a protector of its people and their property, so might show some aggression when they try to treat them. If someone provokes them, they can be aggressive.

How does Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd is suspicious of strangers because they are very protective of their people and property. They do not trust them easily so a proper introduction is necessary. Socialize them with a variety of people from an early age.

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