The Rat Terrier is a small to medium-sized dog breed that is originally bred in the United States. It is used for hunting rats, rodents, vermin and were very good at it. It is a strong, well-built, and powerful dog with great speed and balance. Though they are a small dog, they are very strong and fit.

The Rat Terrier is an energetic dog that needs to be exercised regularly even just a walk in the park. They do great as a family companion as they are a very active and fun dog. They worked as a hunter in the past but now they are a lovable family companion that most people around the world owns.

Temperament of the Rat Terrier

The temperament of the Rat Terrier is friendly and lovable. They are fun, outgoing and cheerful which makes them a great family companion. They are an active dog so you can take them on hiking and jogging.

They are loyal but sometimes their stubbornness strikes and they can be tough to handle. However, with the right training and reinforcement, they can be an obedient dog.

The Rat Terriers are smart, intelligent that is quick to learn new things. They can be trained easily with positive reinforcement and good leadership.

Start training from an early age, otherwise, they can be hard to train as they are an independent dog. Never use harsh words or force hand on them because it will lead to their aggressive behavior. Always be gentle even if they make some mistakes.

Training Rat Terrier.

Personality of the Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier has a smart, loving, and gentle personality. They are very loving of their family and thrives for their company most of the time. They need some alone time once in a while but they will always prefer their family by their side. They are also great watchdogs because they will bark and warn their owner if they sense anything suspicious going in the area. Therefore, Rat Terriers can be trusted as watchdogs.

Rat Terriers are very energetic and they need to do exercise or play to keep them occupied. They will show their destructive behavior if they do not get their required exercise. They also have a high tendency to bark so the neighbor can be disturbed and it also will be irritating for you. So, they should be trained to stop when being told so.

Is the Rat Terrier Child-Friendly?

Rat Terriers are child-friendly and can get along with them pretty well. They are very suitable for older children but small kids can play rough by pulling and pinching.

Therefore, while they are playing with small children, they should always be supervised and guided. Teach children to behave around dogs and be gentle with them.

Rat Terrier does well with older children
Rat Terrier sleeping with a boy.
Image Source: Instagram-@jai_the_dog_lady

What Makes Rat Terrier Aggressive?

Rat Terriers are not aggressive dogs usually but their aggression can be seen if they are being provoked unnecessarily. They can also show their aggression towards same-sex dogs and can involve in a fight with them. Therefore, it is necessary to socialize them with dogs and also with people from an early age.

How Does Rat Terrier Behave Around Strangers?

The Rat Terrier can get well with strangers as they are outgoing and playful. They are welcoming of them. Although they are friendly with strangers, if they find any suspicious behavior, they will bark and warn their owner about it.

Celebrity Who Owns Rat Terrier

The country singer Carrie Underwood owns a Rat Terrier named Ace. She says that he always greets her with a smile and sleeps beside her at night.

Carrie Underwood with her Rat Terrier
Carrie Underwood with her Rat Terrier, Ace.
Image Source: petpaw

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