The Russian Toy is a small-sized dog that was bred in Russia that belongs to the toy group category. It is a very cheerful and lively dog that makes a great family companion for the family who loves toy dogs in the house.

It is best suited in a house with old people and small children who need some company while staying all day home.

The Russian Toy is a tiny dog that is very fragile due to the small bone structure. They should be handled with care as they can easily hurt themselves. It has big ears but the head is small compared to its body. Their eyes are big and wide set. They adopt apartment life very easily as they are small and their activity requirement is low.

Temperament of the Russian Toy

The temperament of the Russian Toy is loyal, lively, and friendly. They are a very friendly dog that gets along with every member of the family pretty well.

Russian Toy is an active dog so regular walk for some time is necessary to keep itself fit and occupied. They do not need much exercise but a few minutes a day is necessary.

The Russian Toy is a very loyal and cheerful dog. Although small, they have a big character. Even with that small body, they are ready to protect their family members, especially children. Their playful nature makes them a fun and entertaining dog. When they are by your side, you will never have to stay bored and sad.

Russian Toys is a lap dog
Russian Toys sitting on people’s lap.
Image Source: Youtube

Personality of the Russian Toy

The personality of the Russian Terrier is smart, fun, and bold. They are quick at learning new things and tricks. They are alert dogs and are very observant of the activity going on in the surrounding. So, they are great watchdogs that warn their owner about some unusual activity by barking.

The Russian Toy dog thrives their family company and wants to be by their side most of the time. Since they are very vocal, if you leave them all by themselves for a long time, they will disturb your neighbor with continuous barking. Therefore, do not leave them alone for a long time without any family member’s interaction.

The Russian Toy is a very obedient dog that will obey you and your command sincerely. It is known as a smart dog, so are quick at catching new commands and tricks.

Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with treats and lots of vocal praises. Never be harsh or forceful on them as it might scare them or can even make them aggressive. Be gentle and show love to them.

Tricks with Russian Toy.

Is Russian Toy Child-Friendly?

Russian Toy is very friendly with children and is extremely protective of them. They get alone with them very well and also makes an excellent playmate for kids. Since they are small and have a delicate body, children need to be supervised as they can play rough with them and hurt them. Teach your kids to behave around dogs and handle them gently.

Russian Toy is child friendly
Russian Toy licking a baby girl.
Image Source: Instagram-@marcyonelove

What Makes Russian Toy Aggressive?

The Russian Toy is not an aggressive dog. They are very gentle with all human being. However, they love their family very much and if they sense any threats coming towards them, they can be aggressive while trying to protect them.

How Does Russian Toy Behave Around Strangers?

The Russian Toy is suspicious of strangers even though they are sociable dogs. They will bark at them and warn their owner of their approach towards the property. However, if they are properly introduced with the visitor they can become very welcoming and gentle. Therefore, proper socialization from an early age is important.

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