The Saarloos Wolfdog is a large-breed dog that originated from breeding a German Shepherd and a Eurasian Grey Wolf. It was bred to act more natural way as a wolf to be a better working dog as the German Shepherd is too domesticated. They are a highly intelligent breed that learns quickly through training.

It can be difficult to train these breeds as they tend to be dominant so you have to be their leader and train them. Here is some information to train your Saarloss Wolfdog in an effective way.

When To Train Saarloss Wolfdog?

The training period of every dog should be started at 8 weeks old. Firstly, start with their basic obedience training alongside housebreaking and potty training. Teach them some simple commands at first like ‘sit’, ‘go’, ‘come’, and ‘stay’ one at a time. As they reach four months, make sure they master the basic commands.

6 months old Saarloss Wolfdog.
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When Saarloos Wolfdog reach gets 6-8 months old begin their advanced training by involving in agility and dog sports. In addition, teach them new tricks and commands along with socializing with other canines and strangers. Socialization is very important as they need to know it’s normal to be around another dog and people. Make enough space for these breeds for training and don’t leave them alone for too long.

Where To Train Saarloss Wolfdog?

At the beginning of their training, teach them at your own house as it’s comfortable for them. During this time, you should interact more with them and get to know each other better. Outdoor training at this phase is distracting, so wait until they are grown and familiar with the outer environment.

For advanced training and socialization, take them outdoors as they are more focused at this time. Also, train them to leash for both your and others’ safety. Remember if they aren’t ready to be outdoor then socialize them more instead of forcing them. This training can take place in your backyard or garden.

If you are a first-time dog owner or having a hard time training them, then consider a training center. With the help of experts, they can easily learn basic or advanced training and other sports. Sending them to the training center won’t go in vain as your dog will be more skilled and behave.

How To Define Task For Saarloss Wolfdog

To train easily, defining tasks is important as their dominant nature is difficult to deal with. However, with positivity and patient, you can train him well. To define the task, choose a word or command for them to perform, then show it by hand or body gesture. By demonstrating, they tend to understand more thoroughly what that means.

Picture of ann adult Saarloss Wolfdog.
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While defining task, use a treat to praise them as it motivates them and build confidence to do better. You don’t need to treat them every time for their good behavior instead give them their favorite toys. Limit their treatment as too much of it can be harmful to them.

Training Strategies For Saarloss Wolfdog

Leadership: This training strategy is to make sure your dog knows who the leader or alpha of the house. If they are given control then they see themselves as your master, not you. To avoid this, establish a leadership where they respect you and follow your command. It helps your dog to wait for a command before doing anything.

Obedience: Obedience training comes first than anything as it helps them to grow more obedient disciplined dogs. It helps your dog to obey you wherever you are and teaches them to interact with other dogs and people. Motivate them more during this training to do even better.

Avoid Punishment: Punishing them is never an option while training or even on daily basis for their wrong behavior. They never learn from punishment as it makes them more rebellious and aggressive in the future. When they show bad behavior, correct them with a kind and gentle voice. Even they keep show bad behavior, take their favorite belongingness as a punishment.

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