The Saarloos Wolfdog is a hybrid created by crossing the German Shepherd and the Eurasian Gray Wolf. It is a strongly built dog with a muscular and powerful body. The eyes are almond-shaped which are often brown or yellow in color. The tails are dense covered with beautiful feathers and are usually hanged low.

Although the maker of this breed created a wolf-like dog, it has a temperament that is gentle and loving which is best suited as a companion dog. However, this breed is not for a first-time dog owner or someone looking for a breed that does not require much activity.

Temperament of the Saarloos Wolfdog

The temperament of the Saarloos Wolfdog is intelligent, independent, and loving. They are quick at learning new information and command passed to them which makes it easy for the owner to train. However, the master should introduce himself as the alpha, otherwise, training can be tough due to its independent and dominant nature.

With family, this breed is very gentle and loves to spend time with its people where it can help them with the regular activities. As it is a highly active dog breed, regular exercise and dog sports are recommended for its healthy mind as well as the body. Involve your dog in agility and other sports which helps to stimulate its mind.

Saarloos Wolfdogs sitting in a flower garden
Saarloos Wolfdogs sitting in a flower garden.
Image Source: AZ Animals

Personality of the Saarloos Wolfdog

The personality of the Saarloos Wolfdog is shy, reserved, and has a strong prey drive. They are usually friendly and playful with the family members and are shy around other people. So, early socialization with verity of people is necessary so they get comfortable around other people as well. Suspicious of stranger, this breed makes an excellent watchdog. Although training and socialization is necessary so they do not become aggressive around unfamiliar people.

Start training your Saarloos Wolfdog from a very young age so they grow up to be a well mannered adult. Once the basic training is completed, enroll them in agility and other dog’s sports that keeps them active and stimulated. This breed might have some prey drive, so if there is small pets at home, it is important that you keep a close eye on them and supervise them.

Saarloos Wolfdogs sitting on a snow
Saarloos Wolfdogs sitting on a snow.
Image Source: Dog zone

Is Saarloos Wolfdog Child-Friendly?

If raised together and in a friendly environment, Saarloos Wolfdog can be a great companion for children. They can do great with kind and are gentle and loving towards them. However, a close supervision is needed as it is a large dog and might accidently hurt the kids. It is not recommended in a house with toddlers.

What Makes Saarloos Wolfdog Aggressive?

Saarloos Wolfdog is usually quiet, reserved, and shy but not quite aggressive. Although it is very protective of its family, it is not known to show any form of aggression. They however have some wolf traits which can be seen sometime if provoked or teased.

How Does Saarloos Wolfdog Behave Around Strangers?

Saarloos Wolfdog are very shy around strangers which makes them run away and hide when someone try to approach them. So socialization from the beginning is important for it to be friendly and welcoming around someone that is approaching them in a friendly manner.

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