If you are looking for a dog which is small in size, suitable for apartment living and good for novice owners, Silky terrier is the dog for you. It makes an excellent companion and watchdog who will alert you of everything that is not ordinary.

The Silky Terrier typically gives an example of a small dog with a big personality. Because of their inheritance as a hunter of small prey, they are tough and confident dogs.

Temperaments Of Silky Terrier

Playful, loyal, loving and adventurous, the Silky Terrier is an active and alert canine. They are sweet and loving dogs which love their humans and is in their happiest mood when being in the center of the family. They are very friendly by nature which means they are not shy and nervous around new people.

Silky Terriers are energetic and high-spirited which loves digging and chasing. They are very quick, so they should be kept in the fenced-in area to avoid their behavior of digging here and there.

Personality Traits Of Silky Terrier

Silky Terrier is an elegant little dog with a beautiful and hopeful personality. They are friendly, intelligent and spirited. They have an independent nature but they are quite devoted to its people and love traveling with its master.

Silky Terrier Are Very Energetic
Silky Terrier Standing Image Via Wag

Silky Terriers are highly adaptable dogs which perform well with all types of situation. They are easy going with other pets if raised together. However, like all other breeds, they need early training and socialization to avoid any type of destructive behavior.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Silky Terrier Are Easygoing With Kids
Silky Terrier Hold By Kids Image Via The Spruce Pets.

The Silky Terrier is a great family dog and does well with kids especially if raised together. However, Silky Terriers have a strong personality so families with kids over 10 are best.

How Does It Feel To Live With Silky Terrier

Silky Terriers is the best choice for a person who is very adventurous and loves to travel. These little dogs are very active ones and will love to go on short walks with you.

Silky Terrier Are Very Playful
Silky Terrier Rolling On Ground.
Image Via The Pawsome

Silky Terrier requires a good amount of care, they need regular brushing and combing. Regular washing will help their coat look at their best and will prevent dirt build-up which leads to tangling.

What Makes Them Aggressive?

Silky Terriers are not generally aggressive ones. However, because of their territorial nature, they can become aggressive towards other dogs if they’are not properly socialized when a puppy.

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