The Spanish Water Dog is a medium-sized dog that was originated in Spain. It was used for hunting small game, guarding and herding livestock, water sports, agility, and therapy. They can adopt in an apartment life too as long as they get the required amount of exercise.

The Spanish Waterdog is a muscular dog with a dreadlocked coat covered from head to the tip of the tail. As a herding dog, it often has a herding instinct and can herd their human too. Although it was used as a working dog, now it makes an excellent family companion.

Temperament of the Spanish Water Dog

The temperament of the Spanish Waterdog is hard-working at the same time playful. They like to be engaged in some work and it is better to keep them occupied with some house chore. This will keep them happy and also they enjoy working with its people. Their this nature makes them an excellent family pet.

Spanish Water Dogs playing
Spanish Water Dogs playing with its human.
Image Source: Kennel Canina Aqua

The Spanish Water Dog is a friendly, affectionate, and protective breed that likes to spend time with its family. They are protective of them and makes a great watchdog. They get along with other pet if they are raised together and properly socialized at an early age.

Personality of the Spanish Water Dog

The personality of the Spanish Waterdog is independent, intelligent, and somewhat reserved. They love spending time with their people but also want their own alone time. Therefore, it is necessary to leave them alone for some time but not for a long time as they might face separation anxiety. They area smart dog and tend to catch new commands and instruction quickly.

The Spanish Water is not a difficult dog to train as long as you are an experienced dog owner. You need to establish a firm and consistent leadership upon them and you need to have patience with them.

Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with treats and lots of vocal praises. Do not use force hand or harsh behavior on them. Be gentle and loving with them even if they make some mistakes.

Video of Spanish Water Dog doing tricks.

Is Spanish Water Dog Child-Friendly?

The Spanish Water Dog is good with children and gets along with them well if raised together. Due to their herding instinct, they can sometimes try to herd small kids, so close supervision is necessary. Children can be rough sometimes and start pulling and pinching your dog, so teach them to behave around dogs.

What Makes Spanish Water Dog Aggressive?

Spanish Water Dog is not an aggressive dog naturally. They are very kind and gentle with their family and even with strangers. However, they can show their aggression if someone behaves harshly on them and tries to provoke them. Their aggression also depends on the way it has been raised. therefore, it is necessary to raise them well and gently.

How Does It Behave Around Strangers?

Spanish Water Dog is wary of strangers and does not trust them easily. They tend to bark at unfamiliar person crossing by them. However, they do not show aggression instantly but it is necessary to keep them on a leash. Early socialization is very necessary to make them get along with guest and visitors at the house.

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