The Spanish Mastiff was originated in Spain some two thousand years ago. They were kept as a guardian of the livestock and were great at their jobs. They are a very calm and protective dog that do great as a family pet.

The Spanish Mastiff is a large dog that is not suited for an apartment or some small place due to their size. They need a house with a yard where they can roam around guarding their territory and their people. Take them out for a walk regularly to meet their activity requirements.

Temperament of the Spanish Mastiff

The temperament of the Spanish Mastiff is affectionate, intelligent, and gentle. They love their family and are very affectionate towards them. They are a large-sized dog, so the first impression people get is that they are a dangerous dog. But, the Spanish Mastiff is a very gentle, kind dog that loves their people and are protective of them.

Spanish Mastiff and puppies playing.

The Tibetan Mastiff is very devoted and loyal to its family who enjoys it’s master’s company and happy when involved in regular family activities. They are a very alert dog that is always looking after the property and the thing going on in the are. They tend to bark when they see any unusual thing or activities going on. Therefore, the Tibetan Mastiff is a great watchdog.

Personality of the Tibetan Mastiff

The personality of the Tibetan Mastiff is protective but calm. They are very protective of their family and if they sense some threats, they will defend them without any second thought. They are independent and sometimes stubbornness might strike them. Therefore, they need firm and consistent leadership otherwise, they will not listen to you and take themselves a leader.

Spanish Mastiffs playing
Tibetan Mastiffs are large-sized dogs.
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The Tibetan Mastiff is not for a first-time dog owner who does not know their temperament and behavior. They need an experienced dog owner who can establish themselves as a pack leader and train them with patience.

Use a positive method of training and rewards them with treats and lots of vocal praises. This will motivate and encourage them to focus on the training and they will be able to learn instruction quickly.

Is Spanish Mastiff Child-Friendly?

The Spanish Mastiff is very friendly with children and is protective of them. They adore children and enjoy their company, so they make a great partner for kids. Due to their large size, they can knock over the small kid and hurt them. Therefore, supervision is necessary while letting them interact with each other.

Spanish Mastiff is child friendly
A boy climbing on Spanish Mastiff back.
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what Make Spanish Mastiff Aggressive?

The Spanish Mastiff is a guard dog but they are not an aggressive dog that people needs to be afraid of. They are kind and gentle even with strangers if properly socialized from an early age. Unnecessary provoking can lead to their aggression like any other dog. But in general, the Spanish Mastiff is not an aggressive dog.

How Does Spanish Mastiff Behave Around Strangers?

Spanish Mastiff, as a guard dog are more protective and guarded of its mater and family. Therefore, they do not trust stranger easily and will bark at them if they try to enter their property. However, if they are introduced properly, they are polite with them. Therefore, early socialization is necessary so that they become a well-behaved adult around strangers.

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