Utonagan is a large-sized, wolf-like dog breed that for specifically bred for that appearance. It is created by crossing the popular working dog breeds: Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and German Shepherd. It has got the unique, combined traits from these dog breeds.

Utonagan has a balanced, mild temperament despite having a wild look. Although while breeding, the breeders focused on the wild appearance, they also focused on its mild and gentle temperament that is perfect to become a family companion.

Temperament of the Utonagan Dog

The temperament of the Utonagan Dog is gentle, loving, and energetic. They are a very loving dog breed that is gentle with its people and also playful. They make a great family pet for someone who can meet their activity level.

Utonagan has a good scenting ability that makes them great at following and tracing a trail. They also have a very strong prey drive like that of Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky.

Due to their high activity level, Utonagan is not suitable for a novice dog owner or a busy owner who cannot invest their time in their dog. If they are not provided with enough exercise that their body needs, they become destructive and anxious.

So, provide them with enough physical exercise. Also, keep them in a well-fenced area as they might chase some small animals and hurt them due to their high prey drive.

Utonagan Dog running in the snow
Utonagan Dog running in the snow.
Image Source: The Love of a Dog – WordPress.com

Personality of the Utonagan Dog

The personality of the Utonagan Dog is sweet, playful, friendly, and very affectionate. They are a very friendly dog that even goes wagging their tail at some strangers instead of barking at them. So, they are not greatly trusted as watchdog or guard dogs.

With family, they are very playful and gentle that thrives on the company of its people and their love. Due to their pack mentality, they also do very well with other pets in the house and get along with them fine.

While training a Utonagan dog, you should start the training session from an early age. They are eager to please their people when they are small, so it is best to start from obedience training and as they grow up, enroll them to agility training.

Establish a firm and consistent leadership upon them. Reward them with delicious treats, vocal praises and a gentle pat on the back as a source of motivation.

Is Utonagan Dog Child-Friendly?

Yes, Utonagan dog is a child-friendly dog that adores and love children. They are playful with them and playful that makes a great playmate for them.

As they are tolerant of kids harsh behavior, there is no fear of them hurting them. Although they can knock over kids with their big body and hurt them. So, close supervision is always necessary.

What Makes Utonagan Dog Aggressive?

Utonagan dog is not an aggressive dog breed but is a very friendly and loving dog. They are a sweet dog by nature but if they are raised in a harsh environment, they can grow up to be an aggressive dog. So, while raising them, keep them in a good and friendly environment.

How Does Utonagan Dog Behave Around Strangers?

Utonagan gets along with strangers very well. They might bark at them but will go wagging their tail to greet them. Their friendly nature can get the family into trouble when they let some intruders in. So, training them to sound an alarm whenever some strangers approach them is very necessary.

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