The wolf-like Tamaskan is a medium-sized dog that is the result of crossing the sled dogs: Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and other wolf dogs. Tamaskan means ‘mighty wolf’ in the native American language.

This breed is categorized in the working group and is very rare with only a few numbers worldwide.

The appearance of the Tamaskan is strong, muscular, and wolf-like. They are a very active dog breed with a high energy level. They are not best suited for apartment life and need an open place for them to roam and do their regular activities.

If you are an active dog owner that can provide Tamaskan with love and also activities, then this breed is best for you.

Temperament of the Tamaskan Dog

The temperament of the Tamaskan dog is active, alert, agile and protective. They are a very active dog that needs a good deal of regular physical exercise. They are also very alert that is always observant of the territory and will sound an alarm when they see something unusual. So, it can be said that they make an excellent watchdog.

The Tamaskan Dog is a highly active dog that needs good amount of physical exercise. They need free running on the field and also some kind exercise like tricks and mind games. If they are left alone all by themselves for a long period of time, they tend to get bored and destructive.

Tamaskan dog playing with a dog
Tamaskan dog playing with a dog.
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Personality of the Tamaskan Dog

The personality of the Tamaskan dog is friendly, playful, and gentle. They are very gentle with their family and are loving towards them. They get along with other pets in the house too if they are raised together from an small age.

Their loving and playful nature makes them an excellent pet for a family of all aged people.

Tamaskan is a highly trainable dog that can be trained and made a well-mannered adult dog. They can be stubborn sometime and will not listen to you when commanded. So, it is necessary to establish a firm leadership on them and train them with consistency. Reward them with delicious treats, vocal praises and a gentle pat on the back as they complete a certain task.

Is Tamaskan Dog Child-Friendly?

Tamaskan dog adores children and they are very loving and playful towards them. They make great playmates for kids due to their playful and tolerant nature.

Although Tamaskan might be a tolerant dog, it is necessary to supervise their interaction as to avoid any kind of harsh behavior from either party.

A girl hugging Tamaskan
A girl hugging Tamaskan puppy.
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What Makes Tamaskan Dog Aggressive?

Tamaskan dog is not an aggressive dog breed. They can become aggressive when someone provokes them and tries to hurt their family. The kind of environment that they are raised also determines their aggression. So, raise them in a good environment with love and proper care.

How Does Tamaskan Dog Behave Around Strangers?

Tamaskan is suspicious of strangers and do not trust them around their territory. Although they are wary of strangers, they are not likely to bite or show any aggressive behavior. They will warn their owner of someone’s presence by barking. Socialization with a variety of people is necessary.

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