The Telomian Dog is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. It is a native of the Malaysia where it was bred as a vermin hunter. It is a small to medium-sized dog with a lean but strong and athletic body.

Telomian Dog is not popularly and is not known by many people. However, the one who owns Telomain dog has a great impression of them.

Telomian Dog is a very sociable dog with an independent mind. They are not for any novice dog owner and needs an experienced dog owner who is familiar with their temperament. They are also not suitable in an apartment and needs an open place where they can roam around performing their activities.

Temperament of the Telomian Dog

The temperament of the Telomian Dog is sociable, adaptable, friendly, and very energetic. They are a very adaptable dog that can adapt to any kind of environment. They are very intelligent dogs and also energetic, so they need physical exercise as well as mental stimulation.

So, involve them in regular physical exercise and challenge their minds with tricks and agility training.

Telomian has a high hunting instinct, so it is necessary to keep them in a well-fenced yard. If they see any small animal like squirrel, rats, they tend to chase them and might even kill them. They cannot be trained out of it, so the only solution is to either keep them in a fenced yard or on a leash.

Personality of the Telomian Dog

The personality of the Telomian Dog is intelligent, alert, and devoted. They are very witty as they have the history where they had to use their wit and trick the wild animals to survive.

They are also a very alert dog that is always conscious of the actions in the surrounding. Telomian tends to bark and warn their owner if there are any intruders in the area.

It needs a firm and consistent leader who can train them patiently. Since they are a very independent dog, the need strong leadership that needs to be developed at an early age.

Start training when they are still at their young age as they are very eager to please at small age. Use positive reinforcement as a method of training and reward them with a gentle pat and delicious treats as they complete a certain task.

Telomian Dog with its owner
Telomian Dog with its owner.
Image Source: Instagram-@theintrospectiveintellect

Is Telomian Dog Child-Friendly?

Telomian Dog can get along with children but it is not recommended with small kids. Small children tend to play rough which is not tolerated by your dog. So, to avoid any kind of accident, it is best to not own a Telomian dog if there are small children at home. Although they can get along very well with older children who are gentle and loving with them.

What Makes Telomian Dog Aggressive?

Telomian Dog is a calm and gentle dog but can sometimes get aggressive when there is a threat towards them or their family. They are not likely to bite but will show their anger towards the thing that is threatening them.

How Does Telomian Dog Behave Around Strangers?

Telomian Dog is suspicious of strangers and does not trust them on their territory. They are very likely to bark at the sudden approach of an unfamiliar person. However, with a proper introduction with that person, they become friendly and warm with them.

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