The happy-go-lucky, Coton de Tulear is a small dog breed with a charming temperament kept as a family companion. It is known for its lavish white coat which is soft like cotton. It is a territorial dog which makes him alert of the activities going on in the surrounding. Therefore, it makes a good watchdog that will alert you if there is anything unusual going on in the area.

This breed can be trained easily with a consistent and firm leader. Check out the methods to training your Coton de Tulear.

When to Starts Training Coton de Tulear

Training the Coton de Tulear should be started as soon as you bring the puppy home which is when it is 6-8 weeks old. Allow it to get familiar with the surrounding for some time after bringing the puppy home. When it is comfortable with you and the house, start from basic obedience training.

The Coton de Tulear does not need a lot of physical activities, so a few tricks as advanced training can be taught to them. Advance training should be started when they are about 6 months old. If you are thinking of participating your dog in an agility program, give him agility training. It will make the connection between the master and the dog deeper.

Coton de Tulear agility training
Coton de Tulear agility training.
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Where to Start Training Coton de Tulear

The obedience training can be done in the comfort of home with less distraction. It is very eager to please the owner so training will not be hard if you keep its toys out of the sight while training. Do not take your dog out at a young age as it might be scared and might not be able to focus on training.

When your Coton de Tulear gets about 8 weeks old, take them out for socialization which is the important part of your puppy’s life. You can then train him in the park or in an open space after he master the basics and is ready for advance training.

How to Define Task for Coton de Tulear

Defining task for your Coton de Tulear makes it easier to learn human language faster. You have to choose certain words for certain tsk to teach your dog. Too many words for a task will confuse him and it will take longer time to learn. You can use the simple words like sit, come, stop when you want him to sit, come, and stop respectively.

Use hand as well as body gesture to make your dog understand the task easily. For example, to make your dog stop doing something, put your palm in front of them and say the word ‘stop’. Likewise tCoton de Tulear

Training Process

The Coton de Tulear is a very trainable dog breed if you are a patient and a consistent leader. It is smart and quick at learning new tricks and commands.

Coton de Tulear playing ball
Coton de Tulear playing ball.
Image Source: Family puppies

Leadership: When the Coton de Tulear is still a puppy, establish leadership upon them. Be a consistent and firm leader and never raise a voice or hand on your dog. It will make them fearful or even aggressive. Be gentle with him even if he makes some mistake.

Obedience Training: Obedience training is a must if you want your Coton de Tulear to grow up to be a well-mannered adult. Use positive method of training as they response to treats and praise very well. Keep the training session short and fun so your dog does not get bored easily.

Socialization: When your Coton de Tulear gets 8 weeks old, it is time for them to get to know the outside world. Expose them to different people and dogs while introducing them nicely. It will make him friendly around people and he will not be shy or reserved around other people.

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