A dog muzzle is a guarding instrument that is used on the nose and mouth part of dogs to prevent them from biting. This instrument should only be used to keep dogs from biting and never should be used for chewing and barking issues.

Most commonly, dog muzzles are used on aggressive dogs that often bite, both large and small of all breeds. And if you too own an aggressive furry pet, here’s everything you need to know about using dog muzzles properly.

Selecting an appropriate muzzle for your dog

Dog muzzles vary according to the purpose that you are willing to use it for. For example, if you want to use it for grooming purpose, you should use a fabric muzzle for the purpose. And if you want to use it for exercise and training, you should go with the basket muzzle. So, the choice depends on your purpose.

Different Sized Dog Muzzles. Image Source: Downtown Pet Supply

After you select the required and suitable muzzle to use, you’ll need to measure your dog’s mouth and nose. If possible, use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your pet’s snout. Measure the length of your dog’s snout and calculate the length from the end to the spot where your dog’s muzzle starts to slope upwards towards its eyes.

When you get the measurements, take them to a pet supply store or use it online to choose a correct muzzle for your dog. If you had a hard time taking the measurements, you can consult a vet, dog trainer or any other professionals. Lastly, after you buy a dog muzzle, consider re-checking its size from the package. Sometimes, you get delivered a wrong-sized too.

Making your dog comfortable with the muzzle

The most important part of using a muzzle on your dog is making it comfortable with it. First, introduce the muzzle to your dog and check its reaction regarding it. Then, let the dog sniff it and give a treat. Repeat this process a few times.

Now, you’ll need to slip the muzzle onto your dog’s nose gently and give them a treat. Afterward, remove the muzzle immediately and repeat it a few more time. Put the muzzle on your dog and fasten the buckle/strap. Provide a treat to your dog and remove the muzzle immediately and repeat a bit more times.

Know the best time to use muzzle on your dog

You’ll need to know the appropriate times that you’ll have to put the muzzle on your dog. First, you can put the muzzle on when you are about to take your dog to a public park. The next time you can use the muzzle on your dog is when your dog becomes aggressive in situations such as when you take them to a vet. Lastly, you can also use the muzzle when you are afraid that your dog might someone and cause harm while in a walk.

A dog wearing muzzle in public. Image Source: Tasteful Space

Increase the wearing time of the muzzle

Make your dog wear it a bit more longer each time you put the muzzle on them. You can do this by treating your dog as they reach the different time limits of wearing the muzzle. This will surely help your dog to wear the muzzle and be comfortable with it.

Is using muzzles necessary?

Yes, using muzzles on your dog is very necessary depending on the situation. The key motive of using this device is that your dog won’t bite you. The muzzle will prevent your dog from biting and also they won’t face difficulty while breathing.

Why are muzzles necessary?

Muzzles have the main purpose of preventing dogs from biting in various situations such as when you take them to a vet, when they are injured or when you are grooming them. To clarify, when you take your dog to a vet, there is a high possibility that your dog can get stressed or afraid and hence can bite.

A dog wearing muzzle. Image Source: Coastal Pet Products

And when your dog has an injury, they might lick the wound, so to prevent it, use of muzzles is very necessary. If your pooch is aggressive and has the habit of attacking and biting, then the muzzle is the right pick for you to prevent it.

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