Plant based food for your dogs. Are they healthy? The benefits of a vegan diet for human beings are hard dispute. Vegan diets helps lowers the risks of heart disease, obesity and many other diseases. But does that happens with the dogs too? Can your furry little friend go vegan?

For dogs, vegetarian and vegan diets can be done but at the same time they need to be done very carefully. Let us start with the benefits of vegan foods for dogs.

1. Allergen-Friendly

According to the experts, “the most commonly reported food allergies in dogs are chicken, beef, dairy, and egg”. This might be surprising for the pet owners that some pets are allergic to these foods. Food allergic causes various of symptoms for dogs such as, rashes, dry and itchy skin, loose stool, vomiting and eye discharge.

In this case, it is beneficial for your pet to go vegan diet. It is naturally allergen-friendly, meaning that your dog can get some relief from those uncomfortable symptoms.

2. Easily Digestible

Meat based dogs are often hard on their digestive system due to the acidifying and inflammatory effects of animal protein. Going vegan can help dogs with their digestive issue, loose stool, constipation and gas. Because plant based foods are lighter than meat based foods.

Dr Andrew Knight Talks About Health Benefits Of Cats And Dogs Being Vegan.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Going vegan can help the dogs with anti-inflammatory. Being naturally anti-inflammatory it helps relieve joint pain and arthritis. It can also help them to build stronger muscles, longer walks and more energy.

4. Improves Energy Level

A vegetarian dog has the more energy as compared to meat eating dogs. Switching a dog to vegan can help regain your dog a puppy like energy. Vegan dogs are often found boundless energy on their diets which contributes higher energy.

5. Helps Manage Weights

Overweight is not good not only for humans but for your pets too. It may lead them to laziness and may occur different kind of diseases due to it. Switching to vegan helps them to maintain their weight. It helps them to live longer and active.

So, these were the benefits of vegan foods for your pets. Now let’s find out that going proper vegan is safe for your dogs or not.

Risk of Vegan Foods For Dogs

  • Lack of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Lack of amino acids may lead your pet to heart problems and other illness.
  • Dogs require Vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus and iron which are most commonly found in animal based foods. This is why your pet need meat based foods to require these diets.
Dr. Andrew Knight Explaining Health Risks To Dogs Going Fully Vegan.

According to Dr. Carly fox, staff doctor at NYC’s Animal Medical Center shares with Bustle via email, “Since dogs process nutrients differently than people, they are at risk of not having a complete and balanced diet which can lead to irreversible medical conditions”.

Dr Fox added, vegan dogs are seen to lack the sufficient amount of protein , essentials amino acids, and vitamins and minerals found in meat. She further added, “Dogs can technically eat a vegan diet, but it needs to be carefully formulated”.

“There are some commercially available vegan canine diets that have gone through feeding trials … However, even these diets are at risk of not being complete. All commercial and especially home cooked vegan diets should be analyzed by a boarded veterinary nutritionist [to] help make your chosen vegan diet complete and safe for your dog.”

Lastly, we have already discussed the benefits and risk of going full vegetarian for the dog. But for pups with particular allergies and sensitive stomachs considering a vet is more safer than going full vegan for your pet. Under the supervision of a veterinarian can be life saving for your dog.

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