Country of OriginEngland
Nicknames and Other NamesSnap Dog
English Whippet
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypePurebred
GroupHound Group
Sighthound Group
Bred ForHunting game by sight
Life Span12-15 years
Ideal Weight25-40 pounds (male and female)
Ideal HeightMale: 19-22 inches
Female: 18-21 inches
Fur TypeShort, smooth, firm in texture
Common ColorsBlack, Blue Fawn, Cream, Fawn Brindle,
Red, Red Brindle, White and Black, Blue
MarkingsBlue mask, White markings,
White markings, Black mask
AvailabilityWidely available
Suitable for ApartmentsYes
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToGrayhound

The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound which is also called English Whippet or Snap dog. It is best known as a companion dog as it is friendly and active. Do not expect Whippet to be watchdogs because they are not a barker and will only bark if something is worth barking. They can do well in an apartment as long as they get the exercise and activities they need.

The Whippet looks like a smaller version of the Greyhound as both dogs have a very similar look. It has an alert and keen expression with large and round eyes. Their ears are short that is folded along the neck. They have a long, muscular neck following with a very deep chest. The tail is long and naturally carried low.

Origin and History

The Whippet is originated in Victorian, England in the late 1700s. The story of the Whippets begins when coal miner could not afford a Greyhound for their sports of dog racing. They wanted a dog that is smaller than Greyhound, does not need much space and exercise.

It is not sure which breeds they used to develop Whippet but many believe that the Greyhound was mixed with Terriers. They became famous among the working group of people.

Whippet weight measurements
Whippet weight measurement taken in old times.
Image Source: AKC

The American Kennel Club recognized Whippet as a member of the Hound Group in 1888.

Is Whippet Child-Friendly?

The Whippet is child-friendly as they are very playful, loving, and caring of them. They enjoy a kid’s company and loves to play with them. However, always teach your kids to approach dogs and behave around them Their interaction with small kids should always be supervised and guided.

Whippets are child friendly
A Puppy Whippet on a Boy’s Lap.
Image Source: Instagram-@idrisovacapricornus

Temperament, Behavior, and Personality

Temperament: The temperament of the Whippet is affectionate, playful, and calm. They are very loving of their family and love spending time with them. It is not at all an aggressive dog but is gentle and calm. They need exercise and should be involved in activities and exercise regularly.

Behavior: The Whippet is a sighthound, so if they see any small animals running, they quickly start chasing them. Therefore, a house with a well-fenced yard is required for them to keep away from other small animals.

Personality: The personality of the Whippet is smart and intelligent. They are quick on learning things. They are a great working dog and if not working, they enjoy cuddling with their owner in a bed and sleeping by their side.


The Whippet needs very early training. They are smart, so they are quick at soaking up commands from an early age. You need to develop a firm leadership on them. Start with basic training and once basic training is completed, jump to advance training.

Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with treats and a lot of vocal praises. This will motivate them and they remain focused during training.


  • Whippets are a very fast runner, who can run up to 35 miles per hour.
  • In the 18th century, they were nicknamed “the poor man’s racehorse”.
  • Although they are an active dog, Whippets are seen either running and playing without getting tired or sleeping on a couch all day long.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesHypothyroidism, Kidney Issues,
Vaccination Sensitivity, Deafness,
Addison’s Disease
Vaccination RequiredKennel Cough, Rabies, Canine Coronavirus,
Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus,
Leptospirosis, Canine Parainfluenza
SheddingLow Shedder
DroolingLow Drooler
GroomingEasy and Minimal Grooming Required
Weight Gain PotentialLow
Separation AnxietyModerate Chance
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 20%
Fat: 8%

The Whippets are a health dog breeds with few canine-related health problems. The average life span is between 12-15 years.

  • Eye Diseases: The Whippets can develop different eye diseases. It can mess with its vision. Therefore, while buying, a proper clarification of the eye problem should be checked from the breeder.
  • Deafness: Deafness can be seen occasionally in Whippets. It is not a life-threatening condition but will hamper in hearing. However, there are aids in the markets like vibrating collars which will make your dog live easy.


The Whippets comes in following colors and markings according to the American Kennel Club:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Blue Brindle
  • Blue Fawn
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • White
  • White and Black
  • Red
  • White and Blue Brindle
  • White and Blue
  • Red Brindle
  • White and Blue Fawn
  • White and Fawn
  • Fawn Brindle
  • White and Red
  • White and Blue
  • Black Mask marking
  • White markings
  • Watermarked
  • Blue mask
  • White markings, Black Mask
  • White Markings, Blue Mask


Height and Size: The average height of the male Whippet is between 19-22 inches and female is between 18-21 inches. Whereas, the average weight is between 25-40 pounds.

Cost: The average cost of the Whippet puppy is between $800-$1500 USD.

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