Buying a first puppy or a dog is the hardest part for the owner. For this, the American Kennel Club or the AKC marketplace makes it easier as it applies all the rules and regulation while breeding and buying a pup.

The American kennel club is the one and only registry body which is responsible for tracking the lineage of a variety of dog breeds from centuries. Here, we discuss some of the purposes of the AKC marketplace and rules and regulations for buying puppies.

There are various purposes behind the establishment of the American Kennel Club marketplace. Here are the purposes of AKC marketplace:

AKC Helps You To Find a Puppy

The first and foremost purpose of the AKC marketplace is that it helps you to find puppies and breeders in your areas and helpful information regarding it. It provides you with a list of their responsible breeders and their quality puppies.

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To begin with, finding the ideal puppy for you, create an account to sign up or you can also proceed without creating an account but somehow, you might have to create one at a later process. Moreover, start searching by filling up the desired specifications.

After that, a list of results will appear and consider choosing any one of them according to your wish. Lastly, when you’ve done so, all you need to do is to message the breeder and seal the deal.

AKC Marketplace Helps You To Choose a Breed

The most crucial part of buying a puppy is to decide which dog breed is suitable for you and your family according to the circumstances. For this, the American Kennel Club Marketplace helps you with every manner.

For making your work easier, if you have a family with senior/older people, then it recommends you to buy a Pomeranian as it is a lively, playful and affectionate breed. And if you have kids in your family, the AKC Marketplace will suggest you buy dogs such as Beagle, Bulldog, and Collie.

There are some breeds that the AKC does not recognize but has kept them under Foundation Stock Service such as American Leopard Hound, Australian Kelpie, and Bolognese. In addition, the AKC does not recognize mixed breeds and also do not keep them in any group. In conclusion, the AKC marketplace helps you to clear your doubts about which breed to buy.

Helps To Find Genuine Breeder

The AKC Marketplace helps to find a genuine breeder for you if you are willing to buy a pure and healthy dog. It helps you by providing a list of trustworthy breeders after you search any breed that you are interested in. You’ll have to enter the required information such as the gender of the puppy, and your state. You can also search by ticking the boxes as per your needs and the Marketplace will help you accordingly.

Providing the most accurate and reliable information, the AKC marketplace suggests you with the best breeders near you. It won’t let you give any complaints regarding its service as all of the breeders it recommends you are 100% trustworthy and breed pure and healthy puppies.


Another important purpose of the AKC marketplace is that it helps you to advertise your puppies. It simply means that the American Kennel Club helps you in advertising your litters to the buyers from across the state. To make it easy, it provides options such as “Activate a paid litter listing in the marketplace” and “Create a new litter listing for the marketplace.”

Vet help

The most important purpose of any kennel club is to provide vet help for the dogs and puppies. Similarly, the AKC marketplace also gives vet help services for people so that they can check up and cure their pets by the skilled vets of the state.

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Selling dogs and pups

The American Kennel Club Marketplace helps you to sell your dogs and puppies to many interested buyers from around the states. It assists you to get the price of your desire by selling the puppies.

Kennel Inspections

The AKC hosts thousands of kennel inspections every year and supports particular reinforcement of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. Along with this, state and local regulations governing the humane care of animals is supported by the AKC.

The AKC investigates at a detailed procedure for any claims of the substandard kennel which are often referred to as “puppy mills” and so-called violations of care and conditions policy of the AKC.

Education and Certification

Breeders need to make sure that their puppies get off to the right start and for this, the AKC provides them with the correct education and appropriate resources that they need. The responsible breeders of the AKC promote canine health, training, socialization and responsible dog ownership.

Here are some of the rules and regulations that you should consider while buying a dog or puppy:

What to expect?

You will receive an application of AKC Dog Registration Application which will be properly filled out by the seller when you buy a dog represented as “AKC-registrable.” You’ll need to fill your portion and submit it along the proper fee to be paid to the AKC. After that, the AKC will process the application and provide you an AKC Registration Certificate.

No Excuses

Be careful of the excuses from the seller like “AKC hasn’t sent the papers yet”. The AKC takes only a few days to process the registration. So, if the breeder has done his paperwork on time, there is no reason the AKC Dog Registration form is not available.

In rare cases, the document is not available at the time of delivery. At the time, all you need to do is just wait until the breeder receives it. After that, pay and take home your puppy. Once you complete the transaction, there is often no possibility that you won’t be satisfied.

AKC seal

You have to make sure that your registration application and papers have the official seal of AKC. Many other registries have quite similar names, initials, and logos which might succeed in fooling you. So, be careful to check the AKC seal.

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No AKC Papers, No Dog

You should obtain the AKC Dog Registration form the breeder at the time you take your puppy home. Otherwise, you should not buy the dog without the AKC papers, if you are in the United States.

All Registrations Are Not Equal

The American Kennel Club doesn’t accept registrations from other domestic registries. So, you should not think that you can transfer your puppy’s registration after buying the dog. Also, without AKC registration, your dog cannot compete in the AKC events and give birth to puppies that would AKC-registrable in the future.

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