The Yorkinese, just like its parents, Pekingese and Yorkshire Terrier it is a small sized dog breed with a big dog personality. The Yorkinese like its parents is a toy breed and is quite independent natured with attention seeking behavior.

Yorkinese is a loyal breed which is affectionate to its family members and is usually well going with other dogs and pets in the house. They are cute little dogs which make better companions for smaller families and households.

Temperaments Of Yorkinese

With loving and independent temperament, the Yorkinese makes both amazing family companions and watchdogs. They are dogs which are likely to come with few drawbacks, like being stubborn and dominant, which can make them little difficult to train, unless trained from their puppy age.

The Yorkinese possess an alert and active behavior, due to which they tend to bark a lot in adult age if not sufficiently exercised and socialized. The Yorkinese are smart and intelligent breed which can make great companions if enough attention and affection are received by them.

Personality Traits If Yorkinese

The Yorkinese holds a curious, proud and confident personality. They are bold and courageous dog breed with a spirited and outgoing character. Because of its boldness, they require supervision around strange dogs as they tend to think themselves large and strong.

Yorkinese Has A Curios Nature.
Yorkinese In A Cute Look. Image Via Instagram@mangsang_ej

The Yorkinese are energetic and happy natured dogs who will thrive in a small family where they can take most of the family’s attention. These dogs enjoy cuddling, playing and spending time with their family.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Yorkinese Needs Supervision.
Yorkinese Cuddling With Little Girl. Image Via Instagram@waukeechewbacca

The Yorkinese is good with children, especially if they are raised with them. They are active, energetic and will enjoy playing with well-behaved kids. However, leaving them alone with small kids to play might not be a good idea, as their behavior may over excite them.

Life With Yorkinese

Yorkinese Does Well With People Of All Ages.
Yorkinese Being Hold By Its Owner.
Image Via Instagram@waukeechewbacca

The Yorkinese are confident and independent natured dogs which can have an ill-tempered and destructive behavior if treated like a baby rather than a dog. To bring out the best temperaments in Yorkinese, you need to provide them a proper schedule which consists of feeding time, walking time, quiet time, play time, exercise time and bedtime.

What Makes Yorkinese Aggressive?

The Yorkinese are quite friendly dogs, which gets along with everyone. But because of their terrier heritage, they tend to be aggressive towards other dogs. However early socialization is likely to help them to be familiar with strange dogs.

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