Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog is a large-sized working dog which inherits natural guarding qualities. They are dogs whose temperaments are slightly different than other dogs, they are calm and quiet dogs who is not affectionate to its people.

This dog is a very wise and serious natured dog, they don’t trust anyone easily and are very careful when it comes to trusting strangers.

It is a large-sized dog, so apartment life is not suitable for them. Keep them in a house with a big yard for them to roam around.

Temperaments Of Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog

Yugoslavian Shepherd is a good-natured, bold and brave canine with a strong protective instinct and natural mistrust of people they don’t know. They are versatile, calm and gentle behavior canine.

Due to their suspicious behavior, they make a great watchdog that will warn their owner if they see any unusual things or activities.

Yugoslavian Shepherd is an intelligent dog that tends to catch on things quickly. However, they are stubborn and do not like to take orders from others. But once you establish leadership on them at an early age, it starts to see you as its leader and follow you. Consistency and firmness are needed in their training. Be gentle and never force them as it might lead to their aggression and they can bite you.

Consistency and firmness are needed in their training. Be gentle and never force them as it might lead to their aggression and they can bite you.

Yugoslavian Shepherd running
Yugoslavian Shepherd running.
Image Source: Instagram-@ _armstrongstyle

Personality Traits Of Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog

The Yugoslavian Shepherd is a massive dog with a confident and independent personality. They are dogs who are not outgoing and failed to make suitable breeds for beginners. They act dominantly towards other dogs and pets and so they are not suitable for families with other pets.

The Yugoslavian Shepherd is an energetic and athletic dog breed. They need an active and experienced owner who can provide them a lot of movement and exercise. These dogs tend to bark a lot around the strangers, therefore when you are taking them out for walks, make sure that they are kept on leash.

Are They Child-Friendly?

The Yugoslavian Shepherd makes good friends with children, but rather make much suitable with the older and well-behaved ones. Because of their confident and independent personality, they will not tolerate any kind of non-sense and irritation from your kid. Therefore, as with all other breeds, it is always important to set rules between them and teach your kids how to approach dogs.

A Baby Boy With Yugoslavian Shepherd
A Baby Boy With Yugoslavian Shepherd.
Image Source: Instagram-@bonaviktoria

What Makes Yugoslavian Shepherd Aggressive?

Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog is a calm nature dog around its people and is gentle with them. They might show their aggression if someone provoked them or force them. It is likely to show its angrier side if it senses some harm towards its family and their properties. However, a well-socialized and trained Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog is not aggressive.

How Does Yugoslavian Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Yugoslavian Shepherd is suspicious of strangers and does not trust them easily. They need to be introduced properly with a guest in the house and they become welcoming of them. If they see any unfamiliar person approaching them or the property, they are likely to bark at them but will not bite unless they sense danger.

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