The Afghan Hound is an ancient canine of Sight Hound family. They were bred about thousands of years ago by nomadic people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India.

The Afghan Hound often recognized for its stylish look has a very classy appearance which makes them look almost like a model.

Loyal Temperament Of Afghan Hound

The temperament of Afghan Hound is loyal, gentle, sensitive, and shy. They make very good family pets and get attached to them, so leaving them alone at home for a long period of time may result in to become destructive.

Afghan Hound Needs Regular Grooming To Keep Their Hair Healthy
Afghan Hound Dog looks like a model Image Via Dogsactually

They are known to be very sensitive, so they should be kept on their regular schedule. While Afghan Hounds are young puppies, they are very playful and spirited, but as they become mature, they tend to become stubborn and independent

The Afghan Hound is expected to chase other pets and small animals because of their hunting genetics. If socialized properly at their right time then they can attend well with other pets.

Playful Personality Of Afghan hound

With tall and lean personality, the Afghan Hound is known as an “Aristocrat” of the Dog’s World. They are very playful and clownish by nature. They love running through the yards and spending quality time with their family members.

These model type dogs are very fun-loving and are always eager to greet the guest. Because of their confidence, they have been described as fiercely brave hounds. They are timid, flighty but sometimes quiet and lazy.

Is Afghan Hound Child-Friendly?

The Afghan Hound is lively and fun-loving by nature, and makes good playmates with children, especially with the older ones. Because of their large body structure, they don’t recommend with small children. They are sensitive dogs and often overwhelmed with loud noises of yelling or crying that small children makes.

How It Feel To Stay With Afghan Hound?

The highly intelligent dogs seem to be independent and stubborn, due to which they are not easy to train, they require firm kind hand and positive reinforce for their best respond.

Afghan Hound Are Recognized For Their Long Silky Hair
Afghan Hound On Sofa Image Via Reddit User

The Afghan Hound is easily adaptable for apartment families, they require a lot of exercises to vanish their boredom and harmful behaviors, such as chewing.

If you own an Afghan Hound dog breed, they will always make you happy and will make you proud of them.

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