Afghan Hound Puppies go through lot of development stages and characteristics before they are a mature dogs.

It is very important for you to observe every little behavior and characteristics and growth of the little newborn Afghan Hounds.

Newborn Stage

Afghan Hound puppies are fully dependent on their mother until they are two weeks old. They will have a fur coat but cannot yet control their body temperature on their own. That is why they need to pile up to their litter-mates to keep them warm.

They are fully deaf, blind, and have no teeth. Their mother will lick them to keep the puppies clean.

Neonatal Stage: Birth to 2 Weeks Old

From birth to 2 weeks old, the stage is fully development stage. They will start opening their eyes slowly, and can hear. Afghan Hounds will start moving yet not walk. However, they are fully dependent on their mother’s milk.

Transitional Stage: 2 to 4 Weeks Old

Afghan Hound’s eyes are fully open during this stage. They will start standing and walking. It develops the sense of smell and hearings properly. They will become independent from their mother and will start playing with their litter-mates. Afghan Hounds will be big enough to taste foods and will start barking and growling.

Afghan Hound Puppy.
3 Weeks Old Afghan Hound puppy.

Socialization Period: 4 Weeks to 12 Weeks

The Afghan Hound puppies will enter the socialization period at the end of the third week and it lasts until 10 weeks. During the socialization period, interaction with people will increases.

In the fourth week, mother’s milk starts to slow down and will begin weaning the semi-solid foods.

Afghan Hound Puppies.
5 Weeks Old Afghan Hound Puppies.

The most crucial week for the Afghan Hound puppies is, 6 to 8 weeks, when puppies will start accepting others as a part of the family. The puppies are affected by the environmental stimulation during this week.

The puppy’s brain develops properly by about the 50th day. It is the right time to start basic training to your Afghan Hound puppies.

Juvenile Stage: 3 Months to 6 Months

This stage is also known as the “elementary school age”. The pre-adolescent period is categorized with the gradual increase of confidence in Afghan Hounds. Their teeth will be grown till 6 months and will start eating solid foods.

You will start noticing the following behaviors

  • Your Afghan Hound will start chewing and mouthing as teething starts.
  • They will start challenging the authority of the owner.
  • Will start having the dominating personality.

Adolescent: 6 Months to 1 Year

Somewhere during this stage, your Afghan Hound will become emotionally and sexually mature. They will have the alpha and dominance personality against other dogs. You must train your Afghan Hound in this age or they will be hard to control.

Afghan Hound
A Mature and Grown Up Afghan Hound. Image Source- Fun Animals.

They will start paying attention to each and every thing going around which makes the right time to send them to the advance obedience classes. This is also the time where your Afghan Hound puppies switch to adult solid foods.

Lastly, raising a mannerly dog is all about staying aloof to his signals and sensitivities.

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