Airedale Terriers are alert, confident, courageous and friendly dogs. It is very important for these breeds to be trained from an early age. They are truly family dogs, but to make a wonderful addition in your family a trained Airedale Terrier is important.

To keep his physical activity high, it will need mental stimulation as well. This breed likes to be the alpha dog, so it is important to make him realize who is the incharge of the family and needs to be consistent. Training an Airedale Terrier can be hard as they are thinking breeds.

Here are some methods, strategies and some easy techniques to train your pet to make him a good family dog.

When And WhereTo Start The Training?

The right time to start the training for Airedale Terrier pup is when the pup reaches the age of 6 months. Before 6 months the new furry friend would not be able to understand the process of training so well.

Training A 9 Week Old Puppy

However, you can start to train your pet after bringing them with small commands like, “sit”, “stay” and “down” followed with a treat.

The best place to start your Airedale Terrier’s training is your big back yard. Training them in the known places would make them feel secure with their trainer and the environment. But when the puppy reaches the right age to get formal training, you should enroll them to puppy training classes, puppy school and advance obedience classes.

How To Define Task For Your Airedale Terrier?

The Airedale Terrier was bred to be an independent hunter and as is their behavior. This is why defining the task to your pet can be hard for you. However, with treats and rewards would help you with your pet.

Try defining the task by showing how to do it and giving treats right after they perform your desired command.

The Training Methods

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement always works with every dog breed since dog always reciprocate with good behavior. It is the only method to train a stubborn and strong headed dogs.

Followed by a treat and rewards is the best way, however, it should be consistent and every one in the house should use the same technique.

Alpha Dog Or Dominance

The Alpha dog theory suggest that the dogs see their family as a pack. If a dog see themselves as an alpha they will need to learn to respect their owner as the alpha.

Alpha training requires you cannot let your pet on the furniture with you and you can’t even get down to your dog’s eye level. That’s because these signs show that the dog and you are equal in the relationship. But remember you are the charge and you are the dominant.

Electronic Training

Electronic training relies on the use of an electronic device which delivers shock when a dog is not willing to perform a task. However, there are many problems regarding this training. First one is, it encourages punishments rather than rewards. It can lead your pet to stress and anxiety.

Strategies And Techniques S

  • Your pet needs its own room. Setting up his private place will make him feel secure and safe. Your Airedale will know his territory and will remain quiet in his own place as well as he will be happier to be trained inside his own room.
  • Avoid punishing your pet. As discussed before dogs only reply when they are treated with love and respect. The more you love them and offered the treat the more they will follow your command.
  • Choosing the right reward is also very important for you and your dog during the training session. If the treatment you’re giving your pet isn’t making them happy, then they won’t reply or train enthusiastically.

Remember, training your pup is the major part of owing a dog. Because if you have a dog who is not trained then there’s not point of having a dog in your house.

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