Alpine Dachsbracke is a hunting dog with a small build that is also known as Alpenländische Dachsbracke. It is a very sturdy dog breed with a thick, smooth coat that covers its muscular body. It slightly resembles Dachshund with its short legs and long body.

Alpine Dachsbracke is a loyal dog breed that is best suited as a family companion. It does well in an apartment as long as it gets the required activities regularly. The owner needs to be an active and experienced dog owner as a novice owner will not be able to handle its energy.

Origin and History

Alpine Dachsbracke was originated in Austria as a scenthound dog. It is believed that it dates back to ancient times but there is no exact proof of it. It was bred by crossing large breed with the Dachshund. Alpine Dachsbrackes was a favorite of German Royalty and was used by them for hunting. It was mostly used to track wounded deer and other wounded animals.

The United Kennel Club has recognized this breed as a member of the scenthound group. The FCI has recognized it in the leash group.

Temperament, Behavior, and Personality

Temperament: The temperament of the Alpine Dachsbracke is fearless, brave, and loyal. They are a very courageous dog breed that is not afraid to face anything. Therefore they make an average guard dog that will look after their family and their property.

Behavior: Alpine Dachsbracke is a highly energetic dog breed that needs regular physical exercise. If they do not get their required amount of activities, they tend to get anxious and destructive. therefore, involve them in physical activities by taking them for hiking, running as they are a great companion for all this stuff.

Alpine Dachsbracke sitting on the snow
Alpine Dachsbracke sitting on the snow.
Image Source: Mle Dog

Personality: The personality of the Alpine Dachsbracke is intelligent, sociable, and very playful. They are a smart dog that needs mental challenges to keep them away from boredom. They get along with other people as well if introduced properly.


Training Alpine Dachsbracke is not a difficult job to do as it is a hunting dog breed so they are naturally intelligent. They need a consistent leader otherwise training them will be tough. Use a positive method of training by rewarding them with treats, vocal praises, and physical praises to motivate them. Do not repeat the same thing while training and enroll them in agility as they as master the basic obedience training.

Is Alpine Dachsbracke Child-Friendly?

Alpine Dachsbracke gets along with kids well if raised together from a small age. They may develop a strong prey drive, so elderly supervision is always needed while letting them interact with small kids. They are more suited to elder children who can handle them well.

A baby girl and Alpine Dachsbracke
A baby girl and Alpine Dachsbracke.
Image Source: Instagram-@ jelenasimicpetrovic


  • In the 1880s on hunting trips to Egypt and Turkey, Alpine Dachsbracke accompanied Crown Prince Rudolf of Habsburg.
  • In the 1900s, there was a law that the Alpine Dachsbracke can only be owned by royals in Austria.

Health Issues

The Alpine Dachsbracke is generally a healthy dog breed that is prone to few canine health conditions.

  • Bloat: It is a condition where the abdomen of your dog looks like balloons. It is caused due to improper eating habits. So, it is necessary to provide your dog with a complete balanced diet at on right time.
  • Ears Infection: The Alpine Dachsbracke has long hanging ears that can easily catch dirt from the ground while sniffing the ground. Clean their ears from time to time to avoid any kind of serious infection.


The Alpine Dachsbracke comes in the following colors:

  • Dark Deer Red
  • Some Black Hairs


Alpine Dachsbracke Puppies
Alpine Dachsbracke Puppies.
Image Source:

Cost: The average cost of the Alpine Dachsbracke puppy is between $500-$700 USD.


Height: The average height of the Alpine Dachsbracke is between 13-16.5 inches.

Weight: The average weight of the Alpine Dachsbracke is between 33-40 pounds.

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