General Information

Dog NameDachshund
Other NamesWeenie
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypeHound
Breed ForHunting by scent
Country of OriginGermany

Physical And Size

Min Life Span12
Max Life Span16
Min Ideal Weight for male4
Max Ideal Weight for male14
Min Ideal Weight for female4
Max Ideal Weight for male14


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability


TemperamentCurious, Smart, Friendly
Prey DriveYes
Fighting DogNo


Stranger FriendlyLow
Child FriendlyHigh
Cat FriendlyMedium
Dog FriendlyMedium
Office FriendlyMedium
Apartment FriendlyHigh
Senior Citizens FriendlyHigh
Service DogHigh
Search and Rescue DogHigh
Biting PotentialMedium
Country of OriginGermany
Nicknames and Other NamesWeenie, Sausage, Tekkle,
Tekkle Doxie, Bassotto,
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypePurebred
GroupHound Group
Bred ForHunting by scent
Recognized ByAKC, UKC, FCI, ANCK,
Life Span12-16 years
Ideal WeightStandard: 16-32 pounds
Miniature: 11 pounds
Ideal HeightStandard: 8-9 inches
Miniature: 5-6 inches
Fur TypeLonghaired, smooth or
Common ColorsCream, Black and Tan, Blue and Cream,
Chocolate and Cream, Chocolate and Tan,
Fawn and Tan, Fawn and Cream, Red,
Wheaten, Black and Cream, Wild Boar
MarkingsBrindle, Sable, Dapple
AvailabilityCommonly available
AchievementsSymbol of Germany
Suitable for ApartmentsYes
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToBasset Hound

With their long body, big ears and bright adorable eyes, you won’t be able to stop adoring as well as laughing with the comical personalities of the Dachshund.

Dachshunds are small sized dogs yet brave and ferocious. Don’t judge them on the basis of their size! The tiny little dog has a deep gruff bark which makes them sound like a large dogs. If you’re planning to own one, then there are certain things you need to consider about Dachshund.

Where Do Dachshund Originate From?

Dachshunds were originated from Germany in the early 1600s to hunt badgers. In Germany, ‘dach‘ means ‘badgers’ and ‘hund‘ means ‘hound’, that’s where they got their name from. Dachshund have strong legs which they use for digging out their prey and fit inside burrows. They are still used as hunting dogs in the Europe and as a family dogs in the United States.

The Dachshund Club of England was formed in 1881, and the registration of Dachshunds were included in all breed studbook, even before the German Dachshund Club was founded. In the year 1885, eleven Dachshund were included in the American Kennel Club’s stud book and the Dachshund Club of America was founded in 1895. By the year 1914, Dachshund were among the top ten breeds to manifest at the glamorous Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

Are Dachshund Child Friendly?

Since Dachshunds like being in a pack, they enjoy the company of the children who can give them enough time while playing. Your long bodied pet may be the best play-mate to your kid but not really fond of your kid’s friends. They are wary of strangers and a well protector of their family and territory.

Dachshund Love Babies.

Because of their unique body type, it is hard to carry them if you are not experienced. Your kid may become accidentally hurt while carrying them the wrong way, they may become aggressive and irritated. You should always supervise your child and your pet while playing.

Behavioral Traits Of Dachshund

Despite their size, Dachshunds are known for their courage and will sometime jump on larger dogs or animals to dominate or to show their bravery. Dachshunds are smart and independent dogs. Due to their intelligence, they will need to be engaged with regular training sessions and exercise.

Dachshunds love being the leader which often lead to stubborness and aggression. However, once they accept you as their boss, then they will be extremely loyal towards their owner and family. It may become frustrating to the owners because of their stubborn nature since they were bred to hunt and will make their decision on their own.

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An early training will help you to transform you stubborn pet into easy to train and mild mannered dog. If you raise them with proper training and give them enough time there is no better breed than Dachshund. They will leave their independent streak and will follow you wherever you go.

Training a Dachshund

The important part of training your Dachshund is, to see you as a leader. If they don’t, they may start dominating and show aggressive behavior to you. They believe that they are the in charge of everything and will do their things on their own.

Tips On Training A Stubborn Dog. Must Watch!

Dachshunds are difficult to house train whereas, treats or reinforcement may help you. The treats may work but they are not the type of breeds which will perform the same tasks over and over again. You will need to send them to obedience classes as early as possible to avoid such behaviors.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesBaldness, Deafness,
Epilepsy, Intervertebral Disk Disease,
Legg-Perthes Disease, Lymphocytic Thyroiditis,
Cancer, Bloat
Vaccination RequiredRabies, Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis,
Canine Parainfluenza, Canine Coronavirus,
Canine Distemper, Kennel Cough
SheddingNone to Minimal Shedding
DroolingLow Drooler
GroomingEasy and Minimal Grooming Required
Weight Gain PotentialHigh
Separation AnxietyHigh Chance
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 25%
Fat: 8%
Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acid

Not all the Dachshunds are prone to diseases but it is important to be aware of your canine health issues. The common health issues found in Dachshund are as follows.

Canine Diabetes Mellitus: If the Dachshunds are over weight, diabetes are occasionally seen in them. However, it can be treated with insulin and proper diet.

Cushings Disease ( Hyperadrenocorticism ): This is a type of condition when the body produces too much of hormone called cortisol. One of the reason of this disease is an imbalance in the pituitary gland or in the adrenal gland. It can be treated with the removal of gland or regular medications.

Intervertebral Disc Disease ( IVDD ): Due to their low and long body, Dachshunds are prone to have back issues. This may cause due to genetics or jumping and falling of the furniture. Its symptoms are, difficulty in raising up the rear leg, paralysis and sometime loss of bladder control. It can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications, removing the disc that are causing problems and confining your pet with a doggie wheelchair.


  • The first Olympic mascot was a Dachshund.
  • Dachshund come in many varieties with 15 colors, six marking types and three different coats.
  • Dachshunds are the smallest among hounds.
  • They live up to at least 12 years of age.

Color Patterns

  • Black
  • Blue and Tan
  • Chocolate and Cream
  • Black and tan
  • Red
  • Chocolate and Tan
  • Cream
  • Tan


The price of the puppy varies from the quality and the characteristics of the puppy. If you want one, then it will cost you somewhere around $200-$1000. It also depends on the breeder you buy from. Always buy a pet from a reputable breeder to get a healthy dog.

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To wrap up, it is important to remember that training takes time and it depends on how you treat them. If you treat them harshly you cannot expect them to love and respect you. Dachshunds are born stubborn so it is your duty to change them through training and affections.

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