American Foxhound is a hound breed of dog that was developed in the United States. It is a scenthound that used to hunt fox by following the scent. It is a medium-sized dog with a strong and muscular body and long and straight boned legs.

As a hound, it is not recommended in an apartment because it needs an open place where they can perform their regular physical activities. A novice or an experienced dog owner will not be able to handle their energy, so only an experienced dog owner should own the American Foxhound.

Personality of American Foxhound

The personality of the American Foxhound is sweet, gentle, energetic, and alert. They are very affectionate and devoted to their family, which makes them a great family companion. They are also very sociable that don’t mind interacting with a variety of people. Despite their sociable behavior, they are excellent watchdogs that will warn you of some strange activity in the surround or presence of some unknown person.

They are an excellent choice for an owner who loves hiking, hunting in rough patches, and other physical activities. The American Foxhound needs good physical exercise, otherwise, they tend to become bored and destructive. So, take the of for running, hiking or playing in the park with you to keep them happy and content.

American Foxhound with its prey
American Foxhound with its prey.
Image Source: fishinghuntingdiary

Temperament of American Foxhound

The temperament of the American Foxhound is independent, active, smart, and sometimes stubborn. Since they are an independent dog breed, they become stubborn sometimes. With proper training and establishing consistent leadership upon them, they can be trained to become compliant. As much as they love spending time with their family, they also want some alone time wandering on their own.

The American Foxhound is a smart dog breed that catches new commands and tricks quickly with makes training them easy. Although they can only be trained by an experienced leader as a novice owner will not be able to handle it. use positive reinforcement as the method of training as they respond well to treats and praises.

Training American Foxhound.

Is American Foxhound Child-Friendly?

American Foxhound does great in a family with children of all ages. They are tolerant of kids all kinds of behavior which makes them an excellent choice in a house with children. They are playful with them and are gentle while playing and interaction. Although they are loving and kind, their interaction should always be supervised to avoid any kind of accidents.

American Foxhound and a baby girl cuddling
American Foxhound and a baby girl cuddling.
Image Source: inellij

What Makes American Foxhound Aggressive?

American Foxhound is not an aggressive dog breed in general. Although they can be passionate and aggressive while on hunting. However, at the house with their family, they are a gentle and cuddly buddy. The kind of environment that they were raised in also determines their behavior. If they are treated badly and raised in an unkind surrounding, they can either become a scared dog or aggressive dog.

How Does American Foxhound Behave Around Strangers?

American Foxhound is either reserved or wary of strangers. However, they are not aggressive towards them unless they sense harm or threat towards their family. In general situation, they are likely to bark to warn their ower about some unusual activities in the environment.

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