The American Leopard Hound originates from Northern America. It is a medium-sized dog with a silky coat and pointed tail. They have high energy and probably will risk their life to save their loved ones if needed.American Leopard Hound dogs are highly intelligent and when the hound comes to our mind we automatically know that these breeds are independent dogs.

If you can afford enough time from your busy schedule then American Leopard Hounds are the right breed for you. However, to keep your furry pet happy you should know about their temperament and personality. They are best suited for families with houses with backyards and farms and rural areas.

How it feels to live with American Leopard Hounds?

It’s easy to live with American Leopard Hounds because the American Leopard Hound does not require high maintenance in terms of its coat and grooming. The double coat only needs to be brushed occasionally and washed when the dog is extremely dirty.

temperament of american leopard hound
American Leopard Hound with kid.

American Leopard Hounds have a seemingly endless supply of energy and stamina and they need a lot of daily exercise. They can live in all temperatures, even extreme heat and cold. They can do best in a rural area with an active family.

What kind of temperament do American Leopard Hound Dog have?

Unlike most other hounds American Leopard Hounds are dignified, aloof, loving, affectionate and non-aggressive towards their families. They often form a strong bond with their masters and go to great lengths to please them. They can become extremely protective over their families and territory.–43IMs_/
American Leopard Hound dog.

American Leopard Hounds are independent dogs and are aggressive if not treated properly. They can easily develop separation anxiety if left alone for a long period of time which may lead to aggression and destruction before leaving these breed alone you must give them interesting play toys or chewing materials to keep them distracted.

Personality traits of American Leopard Hound dog

American Leopard Hounds are lovable and affectionate dogs. They love their family and will thrive when get a chance to stay in the human pack. They are also called the American leopard, American leopard cur and leopard cur.
American Leopard Hound looking, playing, and barking.

American Leopard Hounds are working dogs and require at least an hour of vigorous exercise each day. Like other breeds, they are at their happiest when they have a “meaningful” job to which they can apply themselves to each day. They are nuisance barkers and will alert you when they see any intruders approaching their territory, which makes them a great watchdogs.

Are they child friendly?

Yes, American Leopard Hounds are child-friendly because they are highly energetic and can play all day long with children. They are loving and non– aggressive towards children of all ages. They can be a best playmate with kids who can teach them new tricks and play games which includes running.

American Leopard Hounds are not only good playmates for kids but also are great protectors. They usually are not aggressive with other children but if they sense any kind of threats they won’t back out to defend themselves as well as their playmates.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Behaviors such as threatening your dog not given enough time may lead to aggression to avoid these types of behaviors they should be treated well with proper training, love, and affection.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

American Leopard Hounds are good with everyone but are reserved with strangers. They won’t attack anyone but should be introduced properly with new people as well as other pets. Early socialization is must to have a better version of American Leopard Hounds.

To conclude, American leopard hounds are a wonderful companion in the family. They are fantastic watchdogs which will keep you and your territory safe. Their temperament and personality depend on how you treat them.

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