The American Leopard Hound is hunting dog originated from North America. They are also known by the name, American Leopard, American Leopard Cur and Leopard Cur. They are used as hunting dogs and are known to be very brave and intelligent. American Leopard was capable of hunting larger and dangerous animals like bear and wild boar.

American Leopard Hound has a great ability of tracking. They can follow the scent of anything and lead people to the place. They are very loving and affectionate towards their family and can develop a strong bond with their master. They are great with children because they are loving and extremely protective of them.

When and Where to Start The Training?

American Leopard Hounds are highly intelligent and are quick at catching the commands. It is necessary to teach every dog when they are still puppy. They should be trained around 4-6 weeks when their brain are good at soaking up new things.

It is said that American Leopards are one of the easiest hound to train as they are intelligent and eager to please. They are more likely to wander off due to their naturally tracking instinct. So, a secured fenced area is needed to keep him inside and not wander off to hunt your neighbor pets.

American Leopard Hound Are  Very Energetic
American Leopard Hound Puppies playing.

Training places for dogs vary from their nature and behavior. For American Leopard, they should be trained in the well-fenced surrounding. They are a scent hound and can move from their place following the smell of anything that touches their nose. So, a well-secured area is necessary to train American Leopard.

How to define task for your pet?

Defining a task for your dog is very necessary as it helps your dog to learn things fast. They should be given a certain command for a certain task to make it quicker and easier to learn.

As for the American Leopard, you should teach him to ‘come’ when being called. They are mostly wandering off, searching for things and might go far away. So, it is necessary to keep him close and for that, you need to teach him to return to you whenever you call.

American Leopard Hound Trying to get off Leash to Chase Cranes

Start training in an open area with no distraction around. Keep some distance from your dog and call him using only one word like ‘come’ with a treat in your hand. When he comes to you, gently pat him using a praise word and giving him the treat. Use this process a few times and soon he will be able to understand the word and come when being called.

The Training Process

Here are a few training processes that you should follow while training your American Leopard.

Leash Training

Leash training is most for the American Leopard. They cannot be walked off leash for his own safety. Train them to walk on a loose leash so that he won’t pull and the walk become smooth.


American Leopard can be reserved sometime and you should teach him to interact with strangers from his early age.

Training With Tricks, Treats, Toys and Vocal Praises

Training should be fun and interesting for your dog to keep him focused. Use some new tricks to keep them entertain. Give them high-value treats after they learn a new command and use a lot of praise words to keep them motivated.

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