The Anatolian Shepherd dogs are large sized dogs with intelligent and independent temperament and because of this nature they always consider themselves to be constantly on duty.

This intelligent dogs often seem to be stubborn and dominant, but if you can be a confident leader while training them than you can easily train them.

When To Start Training Your Anatolian Shepherd?

The Anatolian Shepherd is highly intelligent, but until he understands that his master is ” leader of the pack”, he will try to ignore you or will slow response to your commands due to his independent temperament. You can start their training when they reach six months old.

Anatolian Mature Slowly
Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies
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The dog of this breed mature slowly, they act puppyish until the age of two, so in the first of three months you can begin with simple obedience commands such as “sit,” “down,” and “stay,”.

Where To Start The Training Your Anatolian Shepherd?

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a fiercely loyal guard dog that demonstrates a possessive attitude towards family, property and livestock. So all they need is socialization among people.

And for a dominant dog like Anatolian shopping malls, veterinarian, crowded events, car journeys, picking up the children from school, going to the market, etc are the right place for them to socialize.

How To Define Task For Your Anatolian Shepherd?

Defining task for your pet can be the hardest and challenging part of their training and if you have an independent and dominant pet like Anatolian then it would more difficult for you.

Although Anatolian are highly intelligent, but they tend to be stubborn at times.

Rewarding treats when they follow your instruction can help you the most, training them as if your the leader of the pack but without being overly harsh and abusive. And once convinced that his master is in charge, than he will be most anxious to please you.

Training process

Training a stubborn Anatolian dog can be frustrating, but here are some process that can help you train your dog.

Relationship based training

A relationship based training is actually teaching more than training . It attempts to meet the needs of both trainer and the dog. It is a lot like raising a children.

This process needs lot of time and patience, the trainer has to understand the body language of his dog and what rewards can make them to thrive to motivate the dog.

Positive reinforcement

Purely Positive Reinforcement is a very popular method to train a dog. As a simple belief, Anatolian Shepherd dogs learn good behavior by being rewarded for what they did well.

For positive reinforcement you need to use verbal cues such as; treats, clickers, their favorite toys, and even games to help modify behavior, correct bad habits, and even to teach tricks.

If you train your Anatolian Shepherd using positive reinforcement, you will get a trained dog and you will maintain the spirit of your dog.


If you are owning an adult Anatolian Shepherd then its very important for them to be socialized among others. Socialization involves everyday sights and sounds that he will encounter during his life as well as interaction to people outside of the family unit.

Socialization of a dog is very important and it should begin as soon as possible.

Strategies and techniques For Easy Training Your Anatolian Shepherd

Here are some techniques which can help you train your Anatolian:

Go Slowly

Dogs of this breed are very sensitive, they need little more time than other dogs to be well trained.

You need to create a positive environment with training by rewarding them for even minor success and once your dog understands that they are rewarded for doing well than bring a little change.

In the second step, deliver him a command and when he follows it than add some distraction like the television or another person in the room. You need to keep patience in this technique; if training becomes hard than your Anatolian Shepherd is like to give up.

Pack Of The Leader

If you have an Anatolian Shepherd dog then due to their dominant temperament they tend to form packs. And if there’s no one to be dependable leader of the pack in your family, for sure your dog will attempt to become the pack leader.

So, you need to create a boss in you while training your dog and once you are successful doing this than he can easily come in your control and will always anxious to please you.

Basic commands and fun tricks

Basic commands give your Anatolian a structure and it can also help you overcome common behavior and problems of your Anatolian.

Dog tricks are the best way to take your dog training to next level and can help your Anatolian to give some mental stimulation.

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