Thousands of Australian Kelpies are employed for herding livestock every day in their home of Australia as well as in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Australian Kelpies were created by crossing early Collies with other herding dogs and possibly dingoes.

Start training your Australian Kelpie puppy the day you bring home because it is capable of soaking up everything you can teach him.

What kind of temperament do Australian Kelpie dogs have?

The Australian kelpies are extremely alert and eager with a mild, tractable disposition and almost inexhaustible energy. This is a highly intelligent and capable dog. He likes to work and whatever it is, he will do it well.

Australian Kelpie’s can control themselves but its herding instincts can work against him in a way, making him wary of anything unusual. It is one of the things that makes him a better watchdog. Socialization is critical to prevent an Australian Kelpie from becoming oversuspicious.

Purchase your Australian Kelpie puppy from a breeder who raises the pups at the home and ensures that they are exposed to many household signs and sounds. Run away from breeders who raise their puppy in a barn.

An Australian Kelpie who is a family companion needs plenty of socialization. Socialize your kelpie puppy throughout his life by taking him to puppy kindergarten class, the homes of friends and neighbors and dog’s friendly shops and businesses.

Australian Kelpie dog among the sheeps

Personality Traits of Australian kelpie dogs

Australian Kelpie needs a job to keep his clever mind occupied and has a shortish double coat that comes in black, red, blue, fawn and tan, red and tan.

You can begin training your Australian puppy and socialize him among family and relatives. Train the Australian Kelpie in a  consistent direction. For best results, begin training early, keep training session short and use positive reinforcement techniques, never force which is likely to backfire.

It is required to brush the Australian Kelpie’s coat once or twice a week to remove dead hair and keep shedding. Some have a double coat that sheds heavily in the spring. Active Kelpie often wears their nails down naturally, but it’s a good idea to check them weekly to see if they need a trim. Otherwise, just keep the ears clean and give him a bath if he gets dirty.

temperament of australian kelpie
Australian Kelpie dogs

Are they child friendly?

Yes, Australian Kelpie dogs are child-friendly because they are energetic, loyal, intelligent, eager and friendly but the natural herding instincts of the Australian kelpie can make it hard for them to live with small children as they have a tendency to nip in order to round up whatever they feel needs to be herded. All these should be controlled under supervision.

Socialization for Australian Kelpies is essential in the early stages. If you plan to adopt an Australian Kelpie into your family, make sure you are prepared to give them the training they need to provide everyone with a safe and positive living environment including the puppies.

Austarlian Kelpie with kids

How it feels to live with Australian Kelpie dogs?

Australian Kelpie dogs are easy to be with because the Australian Kelpie’s health is good. The breeds may be exposed to certain health issues that should be noticed by the owners and immediate treatment should be done if not early prevention is better than cure.

Australian Kelpie needs regular care. The nails should be kept short because the long nails can cause injury to children and even the dogs can dig the surfaces. Teeth should be brushed regularly as per the vet advice. Their ears should be cleaned and regular bath is essential.

The Australian Kelpie dogs should be given a proper diet. The diet changes as they grow from a small age to an adult. The proper nutritional diet should be given as per the advice of the vet. The food includes all the balanced ingredients.

One important thing is that there are two types of Kelpie: those bred strictly for their herding talents and those bred for the show ring. Other differences between the dogs are ear set and coat type and color. Australian Kelpies bred for the show ring have prick ears and wear a short double coat that comes in solid colors.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

The Australian Kelpies are not aggressive, but they won’t hesitate to protect family members, animals or property, often without regard for their own safety. The high energy, stamina and strong desire to work add up to a dog who requires an active and involved family to whom they are very loyal.

 How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

Australian Kelpie’s instincts make them wary of strangers which is a good attribute for any watchdog. However, if you want to keep one as a pet, they will need consistent socialization in order to judge real threats better.

 Celebrity Who Owns This Dog

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