The Australian Kelpie Dog or simply Kelpie, is an Australian sheep dog used for driving sheep herds and mustering livestock. They were originally bred for herding purpose of livestock mainly sheep and goats.

This medium-sized dog needs training for improvement in its skills. Here are some techniques and strategies that you’ll need to know to train your Australian Kelpie.

When to Start the Training of your Kelpie?

Your Kelpie can learn things on their own from the very beginning of their life. He starts learning by the time you bring him home. Your Kelpie develops the insticts of adult dog from the juvenile period.

The Australian Kelpie is a very intelligent breed and can learn things very quickly. You can start his training by the time he reaches 4-5 weeks.

Kelpie puppy enjoying nature. Image source: Dogtime

Where to Start the training of your Kelpie?

The newly brought member of your family starts his training from your house whether you notice it or not. He learns things by observing and starts doing same the next time. First place for your pup to train is surely your home.

Australian Kelpie puppy. Image Source: Dreamstime

Until your Kelpie reaches the appropriate age for formal training, you can train in the backyard of your house. And by the time he reaches the right age, you can take him to parks and puppy kindergarten to socialize.

How to Define Task for Your Pet?

As the Australian Kelpie is an intelligent breed, it is not so difficult to define tasks to him. However, it is indeed a difficult chore to define tasks to him for the first time.

The obvious thing you should do to define tasks to your dog is providing a relevant demo. You should teach him by showing the move first and then command him to do so.

Training Process

Some of the training process that might and will definitely help you train your Kelpie are as follows:


As a responsible owner, provide your Australian Kelpie Dog with a variety of safe toys to chew on. They tend to use their mouths to inspect the world around them.

The pups will chew and mouth on people if they don’t have more appropriate substances for this behavior and if they are not taught from the first that chewing on or mouthing people is not acceptable.

An Adult kelpie playing with a ball. Image Source: Australian Dog Lover

You should teach your Australian Kelpie Dog to play with the toys, and allow the dog to herd the toys as well, providing a way for the dog to safely express this behavior.


If your Kelpie is not raised with other small animals, he may not be the best breed to adopt if you have other pets. Early experiences with strangers, involving treats and praise, will help prevent your Kelpie from growling and nipping at strangers later in life.


You should let your Kelpie to the outer world so that he can learn about different things and adapt himself accordingly. He’ll get the chance to socialize himself with other dogs and strangers.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training of Pet

Some of the strategies and techniques for easy training of your Kelpie are mentioned below.

Be gentle

No mater how well you train your Kelpie, if you don’t be gentle towards him, he will surely not be able to perform tasks as you desire. You need to kind and show some love to your mate in order to train him perfectly.

An Australian Kelpie Dog. Image Source: LovetoKnow

Avoid Punishing

Australian Kelpie are meant to be dealt with pure love and care. You shouldn’t punish him for faults. Instead, you should try to be more close to your pet. Try not to punish him for his deeds. Punishing him will make him think that you hate him and looses trust towards you.

Make Training A Habit

Every complex task seems easy when you do it very often. Likewise, your kelpie will be able to learn commands if you train him on a daily basis. Make training a part of his daily routine so that he’ll get used to it.

An Australian Kelpie during training session. Image Source: Australian Dog Lover

Lastly, training your Australian Kelpie requires a lot of love and care. He ‘ll become a great companion in your family if you handle with all the love and care that he needs.

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