Old English Sheepdog is originated from England in the late 1700s or early 1800s. They were bred for the purpose of herding livestock on the farm. It is a large dog with a muscular body covered with hair from head to foot. They have a bear-like gait. It is an independent thinker with its own way of doing things. Old English Sheepdog has a high herding instinct.

Old English Sheepdog stands 24-27 inches and weighs between 60-100 pounds on average. The head is a large and square shape with eyes that are blue or brown. Their ears are medium and flat that falls to the side of the head. Their coat is full, thick which is neither straight nor curly. The undercoat is soft and waterproof and the outer coat is harsh.

Temperament of Old English Sheepdog

The temperament of Old English Sheepdog is gentle, smart and adaptable. They have a good sense of humor and can make you laugh if you spend some time with them. They are funny and comical with full of life.

Old English Sheepdog makes excellent family companion as they are fun, entertaining and protective of their people. It can get along with other pets well and can be friends with them but due to their herding instinct, they may not be suitable at homes with small pets. However, if raised with small pets from a small age, they could get along with them.

Behavior: Old English Dog loves the company of people and wants to be part of the family activity. If they are left alone and abandoned for a long period of time, they can be anxious and may show their destructive behavior. Therefore, they should not be left alone for a long time.

Activity Requirements: Old English Sheepdog does not do well in an apartment in the city. They are more country dogs, who does best in an open space, yard and big garden. They need at least 1 hour of a vigorous exercise regularly to keep both their mind and body fit and healthy. If you are an active owner, take them for jogging, hiking, biking and so on.

Old English Sheepdog is a herding dog
Old English Sheepdog Herding Sheep.
Image Source: modern farmer

Personality of Old English Sheepdog

The personality of the Old English Sheepdog varies individually. Some are outgoing and some can be reserved. However, all are loyal, loving and devoted towards their family. Old English Sheepdog has a high tendency to bark, therefore, they make a great watchdog who warn its owner of the approaching people. They are best suited for an experienced owner with an active lifestyle.

Training: Old English Sheepdog is a challenging dog to train. They are very independent and like to do things on their own without anyone interfering them. Establishing a firm leadership is must on this breed. They respond well to the positive methods of training. Reward them with treats and a lot of vocal praises as they complete a certain task.

Is Old English Sheepdog Child Friendly?

Old English Sheepdog is a child-friendly dog. They are full of life and can make a great playmate for children. They are also tolerant of children but due to their large size, playtime with small kids should be supervised to avoid any kind of injuries. Older children should be taught to approach and behave around dogs.

Old English Sheepdog is Child Friendly
Old English Sheepdog Sitting with a Boy.
Image Source: Instagram-@mck3lly

What makes Old English Sheepdog Aggressive?

Old English Sheepdog is a very gentle, loving, funny and energetic dog. They are not an aggressive dog but can be aggressive sometimes if they are treated harshly. Provoking or forcing hand on them can make them angry and they may show their aggression.

How does Old English Sheepdog Behave Around Strangers

Old English Sheepdog is reserved around strangers. Their reserved behavior can be trained if they are socialized with a variety of people at an early age. It is very suspicious of strangers and tends to bark to warn their master of their approach. If they are introduced properly, they will welcome the guest warmly.

Celebrity With Their Old English Sheepdog

Celebrity with Old English Sheepdog

Paul Maccartney

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